The Allies Pre-Conference

The Allies Pre-Conference

A Story by Mystic_Angel

My first Hetalia fanfiction. I don't own any countries(sadly) and everything belongs to Funimation.

One day before the World Conference,America was the first one there.Suddenly his stomach growled,time to eat.He then out of nowhere, pulled out some Burger King french fries. Awhile after, England came in.
"Honestly America,every time I see you,you are stuffing something down your throat." England said sighing sitting down. 
"MMM MM MM." America said munching. 
"What the bloody hell did you say?"
"I said, I am not." America said protesting now with his mouth cleared of food, for once. 
"Yes you are, hamburgers,fries and hotdogs."England said trying to make a point.
"Well technically its your fault, you introduced potatoes to me." America said wiping his mouth with his jacket.
"That was not me, it was Ireland." 
Upon their little discussion, France comes in. 
"OH! America, just the country I wanted to see.Do you have any of that peppery drink?" France said flipping his hair.
"A peppery drink France?" 
"Yes! You said you went to the doctor and got a peppery drink."
"France, since when does America go to the doctor unless its dire?" England said butting in.
"You mean Dr.Pepper? And what is that suppose to mean England?" America asked snappy. 
"It means you and your damn Medicade and Obamacare." 
"Don't hate. Appreciate." 
"America," France said singing. "The drink?"
"Oh yea," America said throwing the can of soda towards France.
"Merci, America." France said shaking the can and opening it.
"France wait!" America tried to warn him, but it was to late the can had already splashed over him and on his blue top and hair.
France started to shake "This is UNACCEPTABLE!" France screamed running out of the room and bumping into Russia.
"What was wrong with France?" Russia ask sitting down.
"UH, some of America's fizzy drink sprayed on him."England said shaking.
"Oh? Then can I have some of your fizzy drink America?" Russia said smiling directly at America. 
Uh, sorry dude that was the last one." America said nervously.
France picked this moment to come back in the room with his hair dry and wearing a hot pink top. America then burst out laughing, followed by England and then Russia's famous "Kol Kol Kol" which left everyone silent. 
China then came in "Sorry I am late I just built another China-town in Hawaii."
"Hawaii? Dude how many of those do you have?" America asked. 
"More than your attention span." England said retorting.
America staring off into space said, "I'm sorry what?" 
"Typical America." England sighed.
And with that the Conference began.

© 2013 Mystic_Angel

Author's Note

This is not supposed to be racial in any way towards Americans,Englishman,Russians,French,Chinese.

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Hetalia! Whipee!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I quite like it!! Haha good job

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thanks :)

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A Story by Mystic_Angel