Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by The Cute 1

My name is Carli Kard and I was born with a terrible gift. I can read minds. Even if I don't want to hear what's being said in my head, I still hear it. I hate this gift. My parents don't know I possess such a thing. They'd think I was crazy if they knew. For now I'm the only one who knows. I wish I could give it back to who ever gave it to me. But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

"I don't care what you did or didn't do, I'm sick of the way you act-"She said raising a finger."-your grades are low-" Another finger. "-you do nothing but get in trouble-" Another finger. "-your disrespectful-" Another finger. "-and quite frankly I'm sick of it. You either straighten up your act or I'm sending you away." Mom yelled.
"Whatever MOM! I'm sick of being here anyway send me away. I don't care."
She threw her hands up." Go pack your bags. Your leaving."
"I'll pack when I'm ready."
"Go pack NOW!"
"I said I'll pack when I'm ready."
"D****t, didn't I say go pack." I slapped me.
"Wow mom you finally grew some balls."
I stormed up the steps and into room where I just threw clothes in bags and in suitcases. I'd really gone too far this time. Mom hit me..even cursed me out. I laughed as I packed. She'd hit me. I walked into my bathroom, threw my toothbrush into a purse, threw toothpaste, soap,towels all into a backpack. Before I knew it I was done packing. I even packed my bed spread and pillows. I threw my suitcase down the stairs, it hit the table. My mom glared at me. I threw the rest of my things down the stairs just to annoy her. I walked down the stairs and took one last look at the living room. I looked at a picture of mom, dad and me. We looked so happy. While mom wasn't looking I took the picture and walked out the door. My mom leaned in the door frame.
"So I guess these bags are gonna walk to the car themselves."
I forgot all about those bags. I walked back into the house and got my stupid bags and put them into the stupid car. Slammed the trunk and slammed the car door as I got in the back seat. My mom got in the drivers side and started the car.
"Wait, I think I left something."
"My laptop."
"'s back there."
She didn't say "Your welcome" and I wasn't expecting her to.
I found my laptop on the floor. when I had it I got on the internet.
I looked at the dashboard it was 9:57. Where are we going at 9:57?
Beats me if I knew. I put on some music, plugged in my headphones and I was ready.
We drove in silence for hours.....well at least mom did. At 11:45 I finally asked, "Where am I going?''
"Pire Boarding School."
"And that is........?"
''About a mile away."
"Am I a student there already?"
"When did you have time to do all this."
"While you where getting in trouble."
With that she drove in silence again. On my laptop I searched Pire Boarding School.
There were several results. One mentioning vampires. I shook my head. Vampires. Really. I still clicked on the link. Where it read,
"Pire Boarding School home to many  hidden vampires. It was said to have vampires walking amongst clueless human students. When a police report was files about an unknown case of the death of a Pire student was found dead with their blood drained rumors hit sky rocket. But this is no rumor Vampires exist and they attend Pire Boarding School. Students of Pire Boarding School beware and stay away from those who wear the cross upon their skin. Never walk alone. Never be by yourself. Holy water,garlic and light don't try that, it only makes the vampire mad. Never run from a vampire, that will only make the vampire faster. They feed from fear, blood, emotions, and your body. Never feel desire it'll only make you vulnerable. That's how they get you, through desire. Always pay attention to the people around you. And most importantly Be Safe. Be careful. They want your blood. Don't be the next victim."
I processed all this slowly. So what if this was true. What if it wasn't. I was betting it was all fake. Just something to be reading for fun. I went to a couple of more links and another caught my eye. The link read,
"Vampires. Don't mess with em'. Sexy but deadly. Main person to take precaution of is BRODY LATROMMI meaning dark and pure immortal. Ladies please beware of him.Drop dead gorgeous you'll be the one dropping dead. When you see him just turn around. You may not know what he looks like now but you will. Be careful."
Stupid internet people. How could they make up lies like this and say this boy is a vampire. Then on top of that they say he's drop dead gorgeous. I bet he was hardly that. Probably was even a student at this school.
"Where here."
I looked up to see a school bigger than my old school. How many students go here?
Thousands? Millions? Mom got out of the car.
"Lets go get you ready and checked in."
"This isn't a hotel."
"Just come on and shut up."
I followed her into the school were we bumped into the dean. I think.
"This Carli."
"Your rooms this way."
"Where are your bags."
I went back outside got my bags without any help. Every arm, every hand had something to hold. No one bothered to open a door, help me out or say "You look like you could use some help let me help you with that."
When arrived were my mom and the dean-I think-where I was out of breathe.
"Yea thanks for the help."
"Drop the smart a*s comments you ungrateful s**t."
"Yoy must be talking to my mother because I know you aren't talking to me?"
"Carli what are you talking about he hasn't said anything?"
"Yea he di- oh never mind." He called me a s**t in his mind.
I smiled at him and nodded my head. Under my breath I whispered, "Im gonna get you for that."
"Your rooms this way.'' We followed this man for about 10 minutes. Til finally we stopped at a door. He handed me a key I couldn't even grab. So I had to drop all my things to take the key. I opened the door and flipped on the light.
"Class starts at 9. Don't be late."
"How am I suppose to find my way around."
"Take your bags in your room I'll take you on a tour."
I did it. He showed my all classes, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, the assembly hall, everything. Even showed me my locker. Twice. Then we took the same tour again. This man was very stupid. I'd got it the first time. By the time I got back to my room I was tired. I hugged my mom and told her something I neglected to tell her when I was back at home. "I love you."
She looked surprised but she said it back. Then she was gone. I unpacked my bags, and took a shower. By the time the room was to my liking it was nearly 3 in the morning. I turned out the lights and called it a night. Well a day in my case.

© 2011 The Cute 1

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Wonderful!!!! Loved it!!!!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago


Posted 8 Years Ago

i love it

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great work. This sounds like it's going to be a really exciting piece. I can't wait to read more. I had a couple points to make. I was thinking that you may want to use some forshadowing and mystery when it comes to the vampires. You let that out right at the beginning and it will be interesting to see how it works. What did Carli get into trouble for? That might enhance her personality. I found a lot of grammar mistakes which I tried to show you. I enjoyed this, anyway. Great work!

""D****t didn't I say go pack." I slapped me." - I slapped me? I don't understand.
""GO.PACK.NOW!"" - You need spaces after the periods.
"I'd really gone to far this time." - should be too far.
"I walked into my bathroom (,) threw my toothbrush into a purse, threw toothpaste, soap,(_)towels all into a backpack."
"I threw my suitcase down the stairs, it hit the table." - This should be two separate sentences.
found my laptop on the floor. w(W)hen I had it I got on the internet.
"Ladies please beware of him.( )Drop dead gorgeous you'll be"
""Where (should be 'We're') here."
I looked up to see a school bigger than my old school. How many students go here?"
"Your rooms this way." - Sounds like there are more than one room. Maybe room's as a slang for room is.
""Yoy (You) must be talking to my mother "
"Carli what are you talking about(.) h(H)e hasn't said anything?"
"I couldn't even grab.(,) S(s)o I had to drop all my things"
"Take your bags in your room(.) I'll take you on a tour."
"He showed my(e) all (of my) classes, the cafeteria,"
"I hugged my mom and told he (her)"

Posted 8 Years Ago

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