Imminent Arrival

Imminent Arrival

A Chapter by JoshiDx

For the first time in four years
Maybe even more
I can stare out my window
Feeling confident
I am where I want to be
Steadfast, sheltered, sure
In the warmth of my bedroom
Now I understand

The drive to move forward
Relentless but inspired
It crushed down upon me
Adamant and constrained
It is now I realize
Though I may be tired
I have found some success
I have found some space

Here I can finally breathe
Even if just for a moment
This should be something to
Acknowledge and appreciate
Because after the heartache
All the lonely nights I spent
Thinking this would never end
I have finally escaped

And it's strange
It's nothing like I imagined
But things change
That's the only constant

Not even these lines
Or all the stupid rhymes
I try to construct
To express what has struck me
So clearly today
Will stay the same

Tomorrow will come
And all my feelings will dissipate
So I'll appreciate the moment

© 2015 JoshiDx

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Added on February 16, 2015
Last Updated on March 31, 2015




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