Three Cherries In A Row

Three Cherries In A Row

A Story by Jouni Sakari

Flashback to the childhood


I am on my walk again, but not taking the longer route that I planned yesterday. Again, first I drink a coffee mixed of two brands at the kiosk. After that, I pick a Chicken-Caesar salad in the shop. At the cash, I insert my debit card and start typing the pin code before the connection has been established. I say to the cashier, "It seems that I am behaving like an automate today". She laughs. 

Then, while paying, she says: "The weather is so cold, -9 F". I quickly answer: "Yes", and I tell her shortly about feeding the ducks yesterday. She nods, "They must be freezing". I say: "I hope many people keep on feeding them. They need lots of bread."

So we have time for this short chat, as the next customer is spending time choosing what goodies to take from the well-equipped candy shelf. I saw him winning about 50 dollars from a slot-machine in the kiosk. There is also a gaming machines in this small shop too, and an elderly woman is playing it by the doorway. It is time to leave when the next customer starts getting closer to the cash. "Bye".
It is a short way back home. 

And suddenly I am in my childhood. There is so much to do and play outside with friends every winter day. 

In the evening, I lay down in bed, feeling happily tired. I pray what Grand mother taught us. Falling in sleep , and my nose and cheeks are like three cherries in a row.

© 2016 Jouni Sakari

Author's Note

Jouni Sakari
The text has first been written in Finnish as a sketch only , and then translated into English . I am enjoying this technique and hoping to develop as writer in both languages. All feedback is welcome .

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Added on January 16, 2016
Last Updated on January 18, 2016
Tags: Winter, routines, chatting


Jouni Sakari
Jouni Sakari

Imatra, Etelä-Karjala, Finland

I am learning writing. I do my work in Finnish , and all my texts are my own translations. Have come back here , because I have started a writing project and I need inspiration from fellow writers .. more..

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