Around You....

Around You....

A Poem by Ju Ju

When I sleep next to you

I don't have a single dream

because your the one that I dreamt of my whole life


When I see people

Throwing coins in the well

Wishing for it all to come true

I don't have to because your my wish come true


Around you I am never afraid

Knowing that there nothing to be afraid of

You have me safe

no matter how scary life can be


I use to only depend on myself

I had no one talk to you

I had no one to love me for me

You came along

and now I know you love me every single day


You have me when I am low

And you never leave me alone

Until I let it all out

You care about me


I am glad I got to know and love you

Your the only thing that has stayed real

I know I am crazy

But you always never judged

You always give me extra love


I love you so much for everything

I will never be able to repay you for what you do

But understand I am here for you as much as your here for me


© 2008 Ju Ju

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Added on March 21, 2008


Ju Ju
Ju Ju

Flint, MI

I am Judy, Writting is my thing. I listen to a variety of music. I am in love with one person. I like reading alot. I will read up to 5 books in a month. It's crazy. I like to act. I write because I h.. more..

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