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One of my hobbies is to draw. Incorporating my childhood memory, I have written it into a dialogue story. It is short, but it potrays the best memory I have about drawing during my childhood.

'When did you started drawing?' She asked.
'I can't recall the exact age I started drawing, but I think everybody draws? At least I scribbled on the walls back home, those were forms of self expressions that my parents misinterpreted as 'naughty' or 'mischievous'. *Chuckles* I replied.
'I can relate scribbling on walls but I don't see the purpose of drawing now, I can't draw!' She said.
'Probably everybody is born with a set of inner passion, and mine has always been drawing. I have no idea why or when, but drawing just come naturally. I remembered I enjoyed drawing so much that all my text books back in primary school were cartoons or some silly faces. I was 7, we were in primary 1, the teacher asked us to complete a paragraph which inclusive of drawing a lion. I think the picture came on top of the paragraph. Most of the kids surrounding me were panicked. They were panicked because they did not know how to draw a lion, and for me, I drew the lion naturally. A happy lion with a black mane at a sitting position. I don't recall I colour my lion. The next thing, my classmates found me 'useful', I was like 'the artist of the day', I gave out 'signatures' in a 'lion drawing' form. Everyone loved my lion. Everyone had my lion on their exercise book. I felt happy. I just enjoyed drawing.
'Those were vivid memories. It must have meant a lot to you?'
'I guess so. I don't use to recall my childhood memories that much apart from certain important events. Probably drawing the lion has been one of them. I was an introverted. Drawing has been a form of self expression. Drawing helps me to portray my inner world. Drawing makes me fulfilled and contented. Drawing does wonderful miracle to my childhood life.
'Beautifully described.' She smiled.

© 2015 KPossible

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Now, it's time to show me some of your drawings :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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it was good i liked it :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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