Summer in Italy: Rome

Summer in Italy: Rome

A Story by KSKhoury

Had to rewrite this .. hit the save button but ended up with 'no' writings .. internet!


We reached 'Royal Court Hotel' in downtown Rome.  'However', the receptionist, a young man, told me they had received our reservation at 4 pm so they reserved a small room for us in another hotel near the station.

Off we went to that destination with the help of the GPS.  We hit an area where we could find an abundance of Chinese signs, some in Indian others in Amharic.  The hotel was nearby.  It was a long shot from the first hotel we were staying at - right next to the Forum.  It was still a four star.  Luckily we found a parking space and Azzam went in to settle formalities. We then removed the luggage from the car and proceeded to the hotel.

'Ring Bell to Open Door' said the sign near the door.  We were allowed in, the receptionist being very professional yet reserved.  

It was a nice hotel with a classic decoration.  The lifts were inside .. only allowing three at a time, for that reason, we were never allowed to call it when it was occupied.

Initially, we stayed in a 'small' room with three beds which took up all the space in the double bedroom.  We then upgraded to a more spacious one on the fourth floor.  We had a view on the main street.    

We went to the station nearby.  There were shops and restaurants inside.  It was now one o'clock, we were looking for a place where we could eat.

There was a row of restaurants along the buildings where our hotel was located.  Along the corner, seemed a candidate for our apetite. 

The waiters greeted everybody within their sight.  Trying to gain customers, they would speak to them in Italian, then turn to each other and talk or comment about something related.  That particular restaurant was only half populated.

One of the waiters, an Italian, took us in charge as we sat.  A young forty year old darkish skinned descendant of the first inhabitants in the Mediterranean, looking like a male Sophia Loren.  He spoke to us in Italian. 

Azzam communicated with him in a funny fake Italian, but the waiter in his equally funny way, understood.

The other Italian waiter also brought us our drinks.  There was yet another waiter who was completely assimilated with his colleagues, speaking perfect Italian, coming from Bangladesh.  

- Where you from? 

Azzam asked if he spoke English.

- Va fanculo, came back the answer.

Quick and nimble, he looked fit but was not slim, nor fat, quite on the short side.  He went to the customers in front of us, took their empty glasses and conversed with them.  They were an interracial couple.  She being Italian, he being African.  She seemed very much into him.

The dark Italian waiter got Azzam his 'birra' and then turned to his colleagues; in the fray, they noticed three young twenty to thirty year olds, walking towards them.  They tried to attract them, but they soon turned and went toward an entrance.

- Hey …  waka-waka ….

Our waiter noticed my son's fingerboard on the table.  After a little shuffle of me trying to explain a fingerboard, he said 'we have them in the Piazza or the park' and he made a movement with his hips, supported by his legs.

Our food soon arrived.  Spaghetti, ravioli, and some fish for Azzam and our  daughter.  As soon as I had my first bite, I noticed the waiters operating their charm on the corner.  Also they were observing each passer-by, especially the female ones.  A strong blondish woman walked towards one of them and 'pulled' one to the restaurant, they were arguing about something.  She seemed like the patrona or a strong employee.  Another female emerged from the yonder flank, seemingly intimidated by these three standby observers, all in a row at the corner.  She marched on, insecurely, until she reached our table, then talked to the person behind us, with full ease.     

© 2011 KSKhoury

Author's Note

Disclaimer: No spaghetti was harmed by this description. The waiters were tipped handsomely. The pic/image is not Rome, but an introduction for writings to come.

Tell me what you think about the name "Azzam" ... Are you comfortable with it ?

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Posted 11 Years Ago

At first I thought the name was a little odd. I just had never heard it before. I wasn't distracted by it by the end.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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11 Years Ago

Thanks Aaron I appreciate your comments

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