me & ur ghost

me & ur ghost

A Poem by Kanae

A 14-line poem about a boy who is haunted by the vibrant life of a girl's online feed


You’re never alone - haunted by

the girl within your phone. Feeds

flooded by her smile, her presence.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - she’s

everywhere, everywhere you’re not.

Your phone is what connects you -

her ghost wraps her arms around you,

she laughs and whispers in your ear.

You can’t stop, you keep scrolling

and scrolling until there’s no more.

Is that possible?

You’re never alone, you are just

haunted by a girl within your phone.

It’s just you and her ghost.

© 2020 Kanae

Author's Note

This is one of two poems from the SECOND time I wrote poetry ever. The title of the poem me & ur ghost is a tribute to the singer/songwriter Blackbear's new song of the same name.

As always, I just want your honest opinion.



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This is a great way to show how many people get obsessed with another person online & sometimes that person doesn't even have to be an "ex" . . . especially for females that post many pictures . . . doesn't even have to be sexy pics, but any pics will attract some guys & that's why I rarely post selfies. Since I am a writer who thrives on exaggeration, I would take a poem like this & make it a little more obsessive. I would show the guy checking & checking, using a little bit different details each time. Like . . . here she is in a blue top . . . here she is taking off her blue top . . . here she is in her bikini . . . you know, SHOW us what the constant checking actually LOOKS LIKE! This is a great poem just the way you wrote it . . . but I'm just giving ideas for SHOW instead of tell, the first rule of good writing (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Added on January 20, 2020
Last Updated on January 20, 2020
Tags: poetry, love, life, online, social media, presence, young adult



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