When the cream of love turns sour

When the cream of love turns sour

A Poem by Loner

The ups and downs in an intimate relationship what makes a lover feel .


                               When the cream of love turns sour



We were together a while ago entwined in this bed on which

i am lying alone now, i can see the bed sheet crumpled up

where you sat and accused me for loving you more then

my life, maybe this is why i am alone in this room now


turning on and off the bedside lamp hoping against hope


that you will come back too me as you always used to

by saying "sorry " nothing else needed to be said anymore

we used to kiss and make up for what ever was said



where are you now ? when i need you the most

we were not done as yet in our love making when

i heard you take someone else's name instead of

mine, who is living because of you as you are




my oxygen, my reason to live for don't

i then have the right to ask you "who is she"

you stop instantly when you were squeezing

my hips, and sucking on me,i had my hands


entwined in your jet black hair intoxicated by your


infectious sensual touch i was left panting away

saying out aloud that  " love you so "

what went wrong then when you said " i love you too Sue "



i stopped you from entering me and covered myself

with the satin black sheet keeping distance from you

i asked with cracked voice, " who is she" ?

you pulled me by my legs and said  " want you badly"


i again pushed you away from me and turned the light on

with tears in my eyes i asked once more  with sternness in

my voice this time  " dam it who is she"?

you held me by my arms and kissed me with such


force that my lip started to bleed, when you let go

off me you said " i am through with you now and

i love someone else now " ..... before i could say anything

you shoved yourself inside me with such force that it


left me breathless, begging for you to stop i started to

scratch your back with my nails but it made you even

more wild in bed which left me bleeding and bruised more

then before then at last this turmoil of ours came to an end


when you released yourself in me , wore your jeans

tossed your shirt on your shoulder , sat on the bed

wore your shoes while cursing me for being so possessive

about you, before leaving the room you said


" i am a womanizer either live with me or leave me

i am what i am, your lawfully wedded husband who

has left a seed in you just to keep you chained with me"

now you are gone and the cream of our love has


turned sour , what am i supposed to do now ?..............




© 2012 Loner

Author's Note

Just a piece of my wild thoughts hope you like it....
please be honest in rating and reviewing .

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This is too melodramatic for me. Too many maybes and what if's.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Whew, the story that unfolded in this piece was sad! Alot of women can relate to this! Fave line: When the cream of love turns sour!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks a lot for your review i really appreciate it.
WOW! This is very relateable to alot of women, so sad that love dies like that!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I bow my head in humbleness thanks a million
for your sweet review and time....
wild and true

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks a lot for your time and review i highly appreciate it...

7 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your kind appreciation ....
christine zapanta andes

7 Years Ago

This is an awesome and raw writing full of emotions. You can feel the love you once had, and the pain of the loss- I have been through a similar situation in the recent past.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ice QueenJen

7 Years Ago

I will try my best!

7 Years Ago

May God be with you.
Ice QueenJen

7 Years Ago

thank you!
Written with a great feeling for the situation... a blend of sensual pleasure that goes emotionally wrong when his infidelity surfaces.. The rough handling, the scrtaching and the virtual rape with his nasty delight in planting his seed in you give meaning to the 'cream turned sour' image...

Full of insight and emotional understanding... Powerfully written... Yor imagination is still lively as ever

Posted 7 Years Ago

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