A Flower In Thorns

A Flower In Thorns

A Poem by Luna Northstar


There's no stopping the sun from sinking into the horizon.
And you can't stop the moon from rising in the night.

And you can not save a beautiful flower
That is trapped in a garden of thorns.

You can look at the beautiful flower.
It is strong, amazing, and almost perfect.


You see it is surronded by thorns.  
Small little thorns, that you don't even notice.

But the flower notices them.

As time passes, the flower grows
And so do the thorns.

Afraid for the beautiful flower, 
You think of ways to help it.

Sure, you can pick it,
But then, you might have well as sentenced it to death.

It will die as soon as you pull it from it's roots.
A beautiful, wild flower, can not live in a vase forever

Yes, you can scream and cry for that beautiful flower
But that won't save it either.

Day by day, you watch the beautiful flower being destroyed by thorns.
You want to help it, but you know you'll just end up killing it.

And there are too many thorns now.
And it's impossible.

You want to blame yourself, 
For not killing the thorns early on.

But that is the flowers job.
The flower is the only one that can save itself.

If only it could grow,
And destroy the thorns.

Yet the beautiful flower wilts
And the petals start to fall off.

Thorns jab into it's steam
And crush it, cutting it off from light

Jabbing through it's stem
Slashing of it's petals...

You try t think of the alternative.
But no matter what, the beautiful flower dies in some way.

You know the flower is strong, 
You believe that some way the flower will live

You know the flower could over power the thorns
You know it can be strong

Yet all you can do is watch the beautiful flower

That beautiful flower that you love 
That beautiful flower you don't know how to save

All you can do is watch the beautiful flower
Die in a garden of thorns

© 2010 Luna Northstar

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Ah, but maybe the thorns are there to protect the flower while it turns to fruit and scatters its seeds to make new flowers...unless of course you are speaking symbolically of something that is not a flower...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on August 14, 2010
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Luna Northstar
Luna Northstar

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