A Story by Rae

A little girl with her invisible hero friend have to save the country of Bangladesh from an evil snake. Written for my English class.

   In the country of India was the hero Mahavira and his owner, a young girl by the name of Amala. Before he was a great hero, he was nothing more than an idea in young Amala's head. However, he soon found out of his superhuman strength. After that, he convinced Amala to take him all over the country to help people. People were skeptical at first, since no one could see Mahavira. You see, Mahavira was invisible to everyone's eyes other than young Amala's. Their skepticism was short-lived when they saw the invisible man take down a dragon just North of New Delhi. His fame grew with each heroic deed. Praise reached far and wide where eventually the ruler of Bangladesh, Sundar, heard it. Apparently, a large snake monster had been terrorizing his country. He sent out a message of help, hoping the young girl and her companion would get it, and not more than a day later he received acceptance to his plea; the duo would be in his country within the week. Amala and Mahavira, who lived in India's capital of New Delhi, prepared for their long journey to Bangladesh's capital of Dhaka. During the journey, the two stopped numerous times to help those in need, one of them even had a viscous man-eating sheep problem, and even though Mahavira was almost bitten by the sheep's poisonous bites, he managed to get rid of them and the two arrived safely in Dhaka a few days after. Sundar, who was glad of their arrival, held a massive banquet for them. When Amala came with her hand holding the invisible Mahavira's, the ruler was skeptical of the hero's presence. His skepticism also diminished after the food was picked up by invisible hands and disappeared down the throat. Once his skepticism was gone, he told the duo of the terrible snake that swept through the city each night. Her name was Rajani, "the dark one", and her black-scaled body was over a hundred feet tall with fangs ten feet long each. As Sundar told the tale, Mahavira seemed shaken, but Amala reassured him that if he could defeat dragons he could defeat a snake. Sundar even reported that Rajani was not at all poisonous, her victims simply dying of impalement and not venom. With a little more piece in their minds, they waited for nightfall. All at once, Rajani crashed through with her long body following her destructive path. Mahavira sprang into action. Amala watched, from a safe distance, her friend jump onto the body half that was on the ground and run up the back to Rajani's head. The snake hissed and whipped her head around so fast that Mahavira fell off. Rajani, who had her animal senses, saw the invisible man and sank her fangs into him. Surprising red blood gushed from the wound as he dropped to the ground in agony. Amala let out a cry as she rushed to where her friend had fallen. Rajani did not attack again, as if she were waiting for the hero to recover and out of the shadows, the people of Dhaka peeked to see the damage. Amala stroked Mahavira's invisible head and spoke to him:

   "Mahavira, my protector and friend, you cannot die here. There are still people who need you out in the world to save them. You also can't leave me alone in this world. You are my best friend and all the qualities I lack and strive for are manifested in you. While I am weak, you are strong. While I am scared, you are fearless. When I fall silent, you find your voice. And where I fail, you succeed. You complete me, as a whole. There is no greater purpose in this world than finding someone like that. Our contrasting personalities and vast differences-they, you, have taught me who I am. I must sound selfish, but I need you. You can't die, so get up. Get up and defeat Rajani. Show everyone the power you hold inside yourself."

   Mahavira, upon hearing his young friend's plea, got back on his feet and charged at Rajani. Rajani used her tail to hit the hero, he dodged and her tail destroyed the near buildings instead. Mahavira once again jumped onto her back and ran up towards the head. Before Rajani could whip him off, the hero wrapped his arms around her neck and twisted around. Rajani's head made a sickening rip and her head came clean off her long, black body. Her head dropped to the ground with Mahavira on it. The crowd of people emerged from their hiding hiding spots and gathered around the head. Mahavira, covered in blood, was no longer invisible and as he stood people could finally see him. They cheered and chanted his name. He saved many people that night and once again the "great hero's" praise was sang around the world.

© 2012 Rae

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Author's Note

Picture by Gabeszntx on Deviantart.

Just so you guys know, Amala is about five years old and Mahavira is over the age of eighteen. There is no romance in this, though the way Amala talks to Mahavira may speak otherwise, she is only thinking of him as a friend. Yes, Mahavira was technically "friend-zoned" even though he doesn't think of her in that way either.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Added on October 3, 2012
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Some interesting facts about me: I'm non-binary and use They/Them pronouns, I'm a Taurus, and I have severe depression that self-sabotages me every waking moment. I've been writing since I was in 5.. more..

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