Strike Two(Brittany)

Strike Two(Brittany)

A Poem by Rae

NOT Brittany Spears, but for my new friend Brittany that goes to my school.

You make me angry and make me cry.
Why are we friends, why do we even try?

He angers you more than I would know,
But still, why do you make him your foe?

I never understood why this was,
Could it be because all that he does?

Annoying he is to you and me,
Pick up his pencil would be the key.

I had endured the glare it had been.
"Strike one, don't ever do it again."

Why must I conform to your mean ways?
I must learn to put yays into nays.

What should I say to get to strike two?
What should I do, oh what should I do?

© 2012 Rae

Author's Note

Picture by y-u-k-i-k-o.

Background story: Brittany hates this kid named, Jamal. He dropped his pencil one day and I picked it up for him. She got so mad with me that I wanted to cry with how furious I was. We are okay now, but I wrote this poem because of it.

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Well she can build herself a bridge and get over it. That was just unessesary. You did the right thing, helping him pick up his pencil. Ugh, that irritates me. -.- You dont need friends like that.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

I was only being polite. ^^ So that's why I put those last two lines there as if to say "What do I h.. read more

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Some interesting facts about me: I'm non-binary and use They/Them pronouns, I'm a Taurus, and I have severe depression that self-sabotages me every waking moment. I've been writing since I was in 5.. more..

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