The Story of an Angel

The Story of an Angel

A Chapter by Kellz

Young Sky has a new and difficult like


Chapter 1


When I wake up at 4:30 a.m. or any time that is before six in the morning, the day is, no doubt, not going to be good. I continue to stare at the clock until it was 4:45 when I chose to go shower.

The shower didn’t last long though. I was done with it less than half an hour later. My mom was probably up by now, so I just went into my room to decide what I wanted to wear, since I couldn’t blow dry me hair.

I found what I wanted to wear and chose to watch T.V. for the next hour. There was nothing on so I just left the T.V. on, the volume turned down, and tried to draw my dreams that had awoken me.


“Sky! Come down here for a moment.” Mom called. She sounded nervous.

“Hold on! I need to tie up my boots. Plus, you always complain how I’m late to school every day. So what? Now you don’t care? You’re gonna make me late.” I responded. It’s crazy how parents do that to you. Tell you one day to do this, next they tell you not to do the same thing. It seems that only mom’s act like that.

“You aren’t going to school today.” She said calmly.

“WHAT?! Why not?” I think my mouth was hanging open at that moment. I had dropped everything onto my bed by then. Of course, what she was going to tell me later would even be more confusing for me.

“I’ll tell you once you’re down here.” She sounded like she was at the base of the stair case.

I turned around then, to see what was up with my mom. She never wanted me to miss school. If I missed even one day, she’d freak out. Something must be wrong.

“What’s up?” I asked once I was at the base of our stairs. The house was all made of dark wood. It was a really old house, so it creaked and groaned most of the time. The living room was small and covered in bright yellow furniture, which I found really gross.

“Skyler? Do you remember what I told you about your dad?” Mom asked. She was standing in our bright yellow kitchen. I think she was obsessed over yellow when she painted the house. The only room that wasn’t yellow was mine, which was the plain white the house was first painted with. Though, all of the walls had posters on them.

Her gaze was set on the kitchen counter. She looked tired, like she was up all night, thinking about this moment.

“Umm….. His name is Keith right? And he lives in New York?” She never talked about him. Even when I asked.

“Yes, do you remember anything else?” She continued.

Now I was annoyed. It was like she thought I had read the whole diary entry in her journal. She had been furious when she noticed what I was reading. I had actually come close to finishing that one entry, but she had stopped me then.

“I look a lot like him?” Now I was just guessing.

She sighed. “Yes. What I have to tell you involves him.”

“I figured that out since you’re just now talking about him. When I’m fifteen! You always ignore me when I ask you about him!” I yelled. “And now you expect me to know everything about him.”

“No, and I know. I don’t like to talk about him……. Well, I’m not supposed to talk about him. I would have told you sooner, but he told me not to.” Mom was now looking at me.

Her eyes were bright blue, placed under pale eyebrows, and surrounded by straight, pale blonde hair. She was also short, but really thin. It surprised me that she hadn’t married yet. For some reason, I had dark green eyes, dark brown, curly hair, and super tall compared to her. Most people, right of the bat, noticed my legs when they met me. It didn’t seem natural, in a way. I barely looked like her.

“You’re not supposed to talk about him? Why?” Now THAT was strange. “Wait. So he told you not to talk about him? Why would he say that?”

“He’s not normal. He didn’t want you to know. It was for your own good.” She was looking down at something. I then realized that it was a black messenger bag. It looked like it would be heavy. Next to it was a long, black coat.

“What do you mean ‘not normal’ and ‘for my own good’?” I asked, now staring at the bulging bag and coat. I didn’t want to know what she was going to do with it.

“Both you, and your father, aren’t human.” Her eyes were now staring at my forehead.

I looked up and stared at her. My mind wouldn’t comprehend what she had just said. Once it did, everything started to tilt and blur.

“You’re kidding. That can’t be true. How can I NOT be human?! Are you pulling some prank on me?”

“I’m not kidding, Sky. Besides, you know that I would never do anything like that.” She started to pick up the messenger bag and the coat. With the items in hand and extended to me, she said. “You have to go to New York. You’ll board the next flight to New York. There will be two people waiting for you at the airport terminal; one of them should be your father.”

I stared at the items extended towards me. They were shaking slightly. “If I go then you should come with me. And besides, why do I have to go?” I shakily asked.

“You’re not safe here and I can’t go with you. They will be coming for you at any minute. I’m surprised that no one has figured out that you lived here.” She continued. “I wish you could stay. I really do, but you can’t.”

“Why not? If they don’t know I live here, can’t I stay here until we know that they’re near, whoever ‘they’ are? Wouldn’t dad, like, warn us, or something?” No way was I leaving, especially to New York. I wouldn’t leave her when people might be coming here to get me.

“Like I said,” The bag and coat were now in my hands.” You aren’t human and I would be no help. Your dad doesn’t want me to be part of your world. If you stayed, you would be putting my life in danger. Do you want to do that?”

I looked down and slid the strap of the bag on my shoulder. “No. But if you came with…” I mumbled.

“I just can’t go with. You need to go now. You’ll have to take the bus down to the airport.” She smiled sadly at me.

“Just tell me…. What am I, since you say I’m not human?” I finally looked up and met her gaze. I still didn’t believe her.

She sighed. “You’re a half-angel and half-human, a Nephilim.”

“That can’t be. Paranormal things, like Nephilim,” The word felt weird to say. “Aren’t real.” I challenged.

“They are in your world.” She murmured.

“Stop saying that! My world is the same as yours!” I yelled at her. I had started shaking.

She sighed. “No it’s not, Skyler. You need to leave right now.”

“Why are you trying to get rid of me?” I was frustrated.

“Please, just believe me.” Mom murmured.

“No, I don’t need to because you’re lying to me.” I shook my head, I was beyond furious right now.

“Do you want proof? Look into the mirror and tell me what color your eyes are right now.” She pointed at the mirror behind me.

This was ridiculous, but I did it anyways. “What the-?!” My eyes were a golden color.

“That’s my point, now get going.” She turned me around and pushed me towards the door.


Getting onto the airplane was easy. Now, getting off the plane and finding two people you’ve never seen before. That was the great challenge.

I still didn’t believe my mom, but I had to try, right? The eye thing was bugging me though.

My mom had given me a lot of money. I hadn’t even bothered to count, it was so much. I never thought we could even have that much. It looked like it came from my savings account.

 Everything was in my bag; the money, the one-way, non-stop ticket, all of my favorite clothes, a book, and my sketch pad and pencils. There was also a golden locket with a picture of my mom (and maybe my dad) in it.

The airport was filled at one point. Every time someone would walk past me, they’d look at me like I was some pathetic dog. That had been very awkward for me. So I’d walk towards some people ahead of me and acted like I was part of their family.

I had waited for almost an hour for my dad. It didn’t help that I didn’t know what he looked like. The picture looked like it was taken when my mom was about seventeen. My dad probably was a lot older looking now. I gave up searching for them and decided to find the address on the note in my bag.

 I started walking to the lobby, where the computers were. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a shadowy figure following me towards the lobby. I tried to ignore it, and sat down at one of the computers.

As I looked up the address, the figure, that I could now tell was a man, sat down at a table near the front doors. It looked like he was trying to prevent my escape; his arms were crossed across his chest. His stare seemed to bore into my head.

 After countless tries of locating the address, I gave up. I looked towards the windows and noticed that it was dark outside. It must be, like, six or something. I thought.

You could see that the snow had fallen recently, and a lot had fallen, at that. My stomach growled. It had started growling half way through my search. I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since last night.

While I was looking at the map of the city by the front doors, the man got up. He started to saunter over to where I was standing. I then decided that the closest place near the airport was a small pizza place, but it would be a very long walk. I might as well go there and hope that my dad, or whoever it was that would come get me, would find me there.

As I stepped out the doors, I remembered that there was a time difference between California and New York. You idiot! I thought. Are you ASKING for your death tonight?! 1. You are all alone and in a strange city, with no phone. And 2. You’ve got this man following you who, no doubt, has plans for you. It’s probably ten o’clock out here! No one will see you because everyone is probably inside. Where it’s warm… and safe. 

With these thoughts, I started to head for the pizza place. The map said that it was just outside of the airport parking lot. And down the street about a block or so…. Maybe I should have just waited in the lobby, where it was safer. My mind added.

 I got out of the airport parking lot and turned towards the pizza place when something hit my head. Hard. The next thing I knew, I was laying on the snow covered sidewalk.

“Ow. What the hell-” I started, but my head started to pound.

“Poor Keith. He will never get to see his little girl.” A gruff voice said. It sounded way too high up. Though, that could be that way because my head was now covered with snow. How is that possible? I wondered.

I tried to sit up, but lying down didn’t start a horrible ring to go off in my head. I didn’t move for a few seconds. When I tried to sit again, my head throbbed and the ringing got worse. He had started talking again.

“You’re such a pretty little girl, too. Oh, well. I can, at least, make your death short and painless.” He sounded closer to my head, like he was bending down. Something started to pierce my back. My back started to feel warm, and I don’t think it was my blood. I started to scream, it burned like crazy.

“Don’t worry, the pain will go away so-” He started, but it sounded like he had lost his breath half way through his sentence.

What little I could see started to blur. There was another voice now, it sounded annoyed.

“Why is it that every time I come here to pick up a new student, you’re here trying to kill them?” It was another deep voice.

“Hey, this is Keith’s kid. She looks just like him.” It was another male voice.

“If you don’t hurry, that kid’s gonna be dead in, oh, a minute or so.” A raspy voice uttered. It sounded like the guy who’d hit me.

“S**t! He’s right. Look!” This was the one who commented on how I looked like my dad.

“I can’t, Scott. Just put the salve on the wound and get her to the school while I take care of this idiot.” Commanded the one who must have gotten the guy who’d hit me, the Idiot.

“She shut up, finally. She probably has, at least, less than a minute now.” The Idiot started laughing after he said this.

“Hurry up, Scott!” The other guy sounded annoyed.

“I am! I am, Drake! Chill.” Scott said this as he pulled off my coat, and shirt. That would have been awkward if I hadn’t been in pain. Something cold started to numb the burning on my back.

There was a thud and swearing. Then it seemed like a crunching noise heading towards me.

“Damn. That spread quickly. Luckily she isn’t a faibles ange. She would have been dead once it hit her skin. I wonder how he’d found that type of poison.” Drake commented. “Can you hear me, Sky?”

“How do you know my name?” I asked. My voice was a whisper.

He laughed. “Your dad told me.” Someone picked me up. “Just relax. You’re going to be fine now.”

“Where are we going?” I mumbled. He must’ve been the one carrying me, every time he spoke; it sounded like he was right by my head.

“We’re going home, your new home.” He responded.

“Which is where?”

“You sure have a lot of questions. We’re going underground. Didn’t you’re mother tell you anything?” He asked.

“No, not really.” Things started to dim; my sight, and hearing.

“Well, now you know. You should sleep now. Nothing’s going to happen.”

“Mmmm.”  After that, everything went blank.

© 2010 Kellz

Author's Note

Many grammar/spelling problems

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