Warpath Out of Norway House

Warpath Out of Norway House

A Story by Leroy Sinclair

I talked to Mr Richard Burnish on the telephone, he's the man pretendin' to be me, Leroy Sinclair... so on this call to his flippin radio show some years ago, long distance from up in Norway House, I had talked to this Mr Richard Burnish wantng to get an explanation for why he was impersonating me without my permission.  He told me that since I got no land I should take his stupid beads, homosexual dream catcher, and dumb mucklucks, and frig off and then I said he was a no good white man and that he can go suck a wet fart out of his grampa's a*s.  Mr Richard Burnish thinks that because I'm just some native comin' from Norway House that I'm too dumb to know when I'm gettin' takin' advantage of. But I'm not too dumb and I got a tubesteak smoethered in underwear for him to eat after I make him suck a wet fart out of his grampa's a*s. I tell you that much is true because I tell you what, me and my brothers from Norway House are comin' down from Manitoba to California on a warpath to show this Mr Richard Burnish how we handle broken promises and imposters at the Norway House.

© 2016 Leroy Sinclair

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You have young people on this site. so post your filth in the adults only section.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Leroy Sinclair

6 Years Ago

why u trollin' me lady? I knew you was racist against natives, you keep sendin me messages about god.. read more

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1 Review
Added on December 18, 2016
Last Updated on December 18, 2016


Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair

Norway House, Manitoba, Canada

My name is Leroy Sinclair, I am a proud native from Norway House. I fell off my roof fixing my satellite dish and hurt my back, now I am writing to lesson the boredom for me up here in Norway House. .. more..