Dining With DeLillo

Dining With DeLillo

A Poem by Ken e Bujold

a found poem from reading of DiLillo's Zero K"


He had a long face and large hands,

head narrowing toward the top,

hair cropped to the skull, sparse grey stubble.

I took another bite and tried

the taste with a name?

Carrots and onions, mutton and rice,

old and wrinkled.

Here the food did not look up when

I entered the meal.

The plate glass utensils

positioned diagonally across the table

were pajama sleeves, gold embellishments.

There was something I hadn't

until now, realized--

men are supposed to die first.

There are things in a marriage

it's tough figuring out--

four walls, the mindless hours,

time zones exaggerated breaths.

We sleep in the same bed, she and I,

enjoy a share of the blame maybe

figuring out an element of regret,

reminiscence over a disagreement--

that's all. Nothing more.

It's only natural, the parentheses

we've endured, the cracked clay

line of infinities. What the equation

meant to signify was evidence of

the ostensible convergence of

two distinct forces approaching a point

of intersection. Stalled plans soon to be

beyond the limits of harsh geography.

The merger of the limits of believability,

an end and a beginning--when

I would ask her name, create one

for her--to go home.

Ken e Bujold


(found in pg. 39 100-01 254-55 of Don DeLillo's Zero K)

© 2022 Ken e Bujold

Author's Note

Ken e Bujold
for those unfamiliar with the forum, or interested in how one goes about it...it's quite simply what it says, the reorganizing of a piece of writing you found into another wholly different forum, a poem. To my mind one of the best at it is Anne Dillard, the american novelist and poet

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This is an interesting concept of which I have heard but not tried to accomplish. You created a quite interesting poem my friend. Do you find benefit to this type mental exercise?


Posted 2 Months Ago

Ken e Bujold

2 Months Ago

i find great benefit to these types of poems, exercises. think of them as painting collages, scrambl.. read more

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Added on September 27, 2022
Last Updated on September 30, 2022


Ken e Bujold
Ken e Bujold

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