Dear Lugubrious

Dear Lugubrious

A Poem by Ken e Bujold

"already editing it LOL"

Well, my friend, sad to say, bitter men die 
everyday. My advice is -- fifty chin ups. 
And if that won’t do 
to mend your achy-breaky 

a ripped pectoral should open up 
doors to other dens 
of iniquity. Girdles, 
as we both know, come in multitudes of sizes, 

a rainbow of shades … 
tousled, ragdolls, bobbed …
Mancs, Muscovites … pretty 
much every nation breeds a distinctive 

purr of Felicity. As mousers 
the cheese undoubtedly denotes 
which alleyway … 
Camembert, less cream but better cholesterol, 

Is a personal fave -- though 
the gentle Brie, or a sassy Fontina 
go well with a stout port. 
The more crumbly Wensleydale 

requires a little more initiative -- cranberries 
or apricots to accent the fruity 
flavor. In season kippers 
if a tad expensive, will add a nip to the romantic …
Especially in the spring when 
the biological imperative begins to heat 
up the pheromones … 
once the harp of always a maid 

plays havoc on a girl’s ringlets --
even an off kilter stinking bishop 
stands a better than passing chance … 
so long as he’s got a standing leg. 

So, as a friend, dear friend a word 
to the wise: buck up, invest in a good spruce … 
and by God, attend to your opening gambit: 
blue balls be damned, you’re too young to be grieving. 

Ken e Bujold

© 2023 Ken e Bujold

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Wow. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on here. I studied Shakespeares’s Julius Caesar so your opening lines I got. There’s a lot of women and a lot of cheese here. At the mention of girdles you got me remembering my Nan’s flesh coloured laced and boned monsters lol. Sounds like a message to a mate who has blue balls and needs to get out of the doldrums and get active. A fun poem patched full. Had to read it three times.


Posted 1 Month Ago

Ken e Bujold

1 Month Ago

thanks chris. began as you note with riff on Anthony's praise of Caesar, then somehow i got thinking.. read more
Chris Shaw

1 Month Ago

Ha! Just goes to show, you never know what’s in the mind of another poet :)
I don’t know-this strikes me as a little cheesy. :-) But not bad for Dear Heloise.


Posted 1 Month Ago

Ken e Bujold

1 Month Ago

this one is about as odd as my brain can get by times.
the opening is believe it or not a ri.. read more
W. Barrett Munn

1 Month Ago

Definitely a keeper.

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Ken e Bujold
Ken e Bujold

Somewhere in Ontario, Canada

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