Chapter 1- I Can't Remember My Name

Chapter 1- I Can't Remember My Name

A Chapter by Kennedia

  All she could hear were the dreary hums of chanting.  For a split second, the young girl was able to make out her father's gruff voice.  Her palms were sweaty and fear ran throughout her veins.  The only thing in her sight was a roughly textured sack that was forced over her head. She could feel a storm of hands underneath her passing her around as if she were dirty laundry.  Her body failed to move and she knew that must have been due to the strange herbs the village elder had given her only minutes ago.
  "Ttaloc!  Ttaloc! Hear our prayers O gracious god!!"  Ttaloc?  That's our village's god of rain...  No!!! They couldn't possibly be...!!! The girl had heard of an ancient story about the village's ancestors sacrificing young virgins to Ttaloc, who was believed to reside in the local lake.  They did this to bring water to the rain deprived farm land.  She and her siblings were told this story when they weren't but babes.  They had laughed it off as a silly campfire tale.
  Silence suddenly filled the air.  Even though the girl couldn't move, she was trembling. Tears slowly rolled out of her glazed over eyes.  She felt a quick jerk and a long, sudden gust of wind.  Feeling sick to her stomach, she knew this was the end.  It couldn't have been more than 10 seconds that it took for her to land into the endless, black pool of death, but it felt like hours to her.  She felt a splash and her breath began to seep away.  Sinking to her demise, she saw a light dance before her, even though her vision was previously impaired.  Unexpectedly, an enormous shadow in the shape of a hand grasped the light and all went dark again.
  "Ahhh, another one has been sent my way.  Foolish humans."  A dark figure finally appeared.  He was shaped as a man, but his voice echoed as he spoke.  His eyes were a bloody sea and his gaze was sorrowful.  "What is your name, human?"
  My name?  My name is... My name is...
"I...Can't remember my name."  The man let out a grin across his face and placed his dark essence of a hand onto her wrist.  "I think I'll keep you, my nameless maiden."

© 2015 Kennedia

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Added on June 15, 2015
Last Updated on June 15, 2015
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