The Last Tree Standing

The Last Tree Standing

A Poem by Kenneth Sibbett

A look at the future of our planet?

 HE was the last tree standing
no more could there be found
the last one of a dying breed
growing strong in fertile ground
they slaughtered all his relatives
his sister, mom, his dad
his brother, uncles, cousins
and all the friends he had 
He watched how humans killed
with their loud machines and saws
sparing nothing for the future 
dismissing Mother Nature's laws
there would be no other trees
for kids to climb and play
no more playing hide and seek
nor a shaded place to lay
He knew his time was over 
in minutes he would die
He stood up to his full height
so they would never see him cry
have you any last words old tree
before we cut you down
only a few said the ancient tree
please gather all around
from the very beginning of your time  
we have kept your kind alive 
we have made your sturdy houses
as you used us to survive 
we were boats for you to travel
wood for your steaming train
shade from the hot, hot  sun
and shelter from the rain 
yes He told the murderers
come close and you shall see
as they all danced and laughed
at the ancient dying tree
laugh you greedy people
you shall never be denied
your greed is your undoing  
as you are never satisfied
spend your money quickly 
spend your blood money fast 
it will only buy you possessions
and possessions never last 
how will your kind ever survive
clearing everything from the ground 
building your ugly buildings
blind to beauty all around
they killed the tree with fury
as He fell on grass and cried
a tear fell from God's very soul
as the last tree on Earth had died~ 

© 2011 Kenneth Sibbett

Author's Note

Kenneth Sibbett
Will we ever stop destroying Mother Earth

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Thank you Chris. The more I see the tornadoes and the flooding and the drought we are going through now, the more I pity the generation that comes after us. We made this mess, now they pay the piper.

Posted 10 Years Ago

There is an overwhelming sadness here.. a pain that will never go away. You give full warning of what is happening all around us. May we heed the cry before it's too late.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2011
Last Updated on May 17, 2011
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Kenneth Sibbett
Kenneth Sibbett

Whiteville, NC

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