Don't Date a Poet

Don't Date a Poet

A Poem by kera moondust

anti love poetry?? idk. lol


Don’t date a poet

      We write love in

                A million words

And when we ask

                How much do you

                                Love me?


We expect Strophe’s

                Filled with

Beautifully crafty metaphors


“Darling I love you

                The way the ocean

Loves the tides

And I will keep kissing you

                No matter how

Many times

                You send me away”


Don’t date a poet

                We take words way too


So when you tell us


“I promise you”

And we return with

                “Break it and I will

                                Smash your pinky

To smithereens”


You better remember

                The second the words

                                I won’t be there

Exit those lips with so much more color

                Then mine paled with disappointment


We are going to snap your pinky in



Don’t date a poet

                It will always start out

                                Like a good idea

When we fill your


With words that contain



And passion


But down the line

When things turn

                Like sour milk

As they always do

           Time has a way of doing that

We’ll write our pain


And sadness

Into these lines


Hoping that maybe you’ll


And then we can


Tear you apart

                At the heartstrings

© 2014 kera moondust

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Author's Note

kera moondust
Everything is intentional.

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Love the structure of the poem a lot people do not know that even the make up, the building, of a poem also matters. I love the zig zag and the loftiness of the poem. I, myself is a poet and so I can relate to this also I am a guy so yeah a guy poet means in guy standard I am to freaking emotional. (lol) A hopeless romantic I call myself for I love to love but I also love to lust and lastly I am afraid of loving (the action) I can woo a girl off her feet but once off her feet and it is time for me to catch her I always have had the mishap of letting her fall to her doom. So I write about the misfortune of love, the sweet beginnings and the horrible ends, I am a guy who believes in love at first sight but also enjoy the thought of blinded love. There's nothing as sweet as fallen in love and not needing it but fallen in love because it just happen that way. I love this poem all over because it's me in a nutshell.........

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on July 7, 2014
Last Updated on July 7, 2014
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kera moondust
kera moondust

San Francisco, CA

I’m Tori =) Kera is an alias, so do call me by my real name. This is usually where I tell you about me. I’m insane there aren’t many questions on the matter. I love life don&rsqu.. more..

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