The Corpse

The Corpse

A Poem by Ian

A poem I made a while back. I enjoye making it, even if it isn't the beasts quality.

As the clinking noise went on and on;
as each metal piece clicked into place;
screams came forth one by one,
like an apiration and vanished without a trace.

Then knowing they pulled too far,
the black hooded men went back to their cell.
Yet, for their hearts were as black as tar,
and if they had any emotion you sure couldn't tell.

A deathly silence filled the room,
and every machine seemed to grow.
Over each and every device their shadows loomed,
and then they all stoped at the laying corpse's toe.

The corpse's body began to shake,
the chains that bound him began to crack,
and suddenly, one by one, they all began to break.
As his body finaly lay still,
a gleem flew through his eye,
and life filled his core.
His mouth opened as if he utered a cry,
but not a single sound came before.

He lifted himself slowly from the bed,
and reflected uponthe devices that surounded him.
Every one was cloaked in red,
and had at least one sharp rim.

All his thoughts came then,
like a sudden rush of rain.
He walked slowly to the door, when,
he could recall black hooded men and his pain.

All his horrible memories rushed to his head,
and he now thought of a horrible deed.
He could imagine three hooded corpes, dead,
and he relized the mission he must lead.

He opened the large metal door,
and starred into a large ominous hall.
Crimson liquid lay splattered upon the floor,
and large metal bars lined the wall.

Step by step he entered the corridor,
and prisoner's screams filled the air,
as the corpse's chains made music like a trapped troubadour,
and for his skin was deathly fair.

Cell after cell, he walked past,
not taking the time to look in.
All the sounds the prisoners could hear was his soft rasp,
and the clinking of the chains that bound him.

When he finaly reached the hall's portal,
his hand prolonged for the metal door,
but a chill ran up his body, mortal,
and he imagined his body, dead, upon the floor.

He turned his face away from the thought,
and suddenly opened the large metal door.
Several black hooded men, he caught,
each with two eyes filled with horror.

The corpse raised his arms to the sky,
and as fear grasped each black hooded man's heart,
several hearts as black as tar, on the floor, lie,
and finaly, the corpse's heart can now part.

© 2012 Ian

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Added on August 10, 2012
Last Updated on August 10, 2012
Tags: Corpse, fear, death, life, blood, dark, disturbing, torture, pain, agony, nightmare, medieval, dungeon



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