Little Miss Dreamer

Little Miss Dreamer

A Poem by Ian

Once, there lived a little Miss Dreamer, That lived In a hous so big and tall.

Once there lived a little Miss Dreamer,
That lived in a house so big and tall. 
Who ever knew that a single misdemeanor
Could cause this house to fall. 

Five stories it stood above the ground,
Casting a shadow as long as day. 
When little Miss Dreamer was nowhere to be found,
Who knew deep in the cellar she lay. 

Sad little Miss Dreamer as she lay in a heap,
As people searched and searched for her. 
Sad little Miss Dreamer, as she couldn't make a peep,
As all the walls closed in around her. 

Insanity started to fill every mind, 
As chaos wrecked horror upon the household. 
All along the walls claw marks lined,
And I truly wish this story wouldn't be told. 

In the cellar shadows lied,
Two horrid crimson eyes,
Of a creature who's evil thoughts thrived,
As they filled the house with lies. 

Like smoke it rose from floor to floor,
Possessing every single soul it crossed.
Now little Miss Dreamer, so very poor,
Had her spirit completely lost. 

The house showed not a sign of grief;
Not even a single mourning thought came upon
Any of the residence's mind's, brief;
Not even one!

Oh, how long the creature waited so very patiently,
In that darkened little corner. 
In the cellar, under the Earth, so deeply,
It had waited and waited to swipe her.

Striking at the perfect time,
It stole little Miss Dreamer from her sleep. 
It snuck up the house of tapestry, colored lime,
And into her room, it did creep. 

Wrapping its tendril like arms around her throat,
It dragged her down the stairwell. 
It took her into the cellar, bound, as by a rope,
Into the surrounding heat, as though a Hell. 

The flames seemed to conceal the creature's eyes,
As they engulfed the entire house.
Then came out of the night, many cries,
As from their slumber, the prisoners began to arouse. 

They clawed at the tapestry, colored lime,
And tore out the beams connecting ceiling to floor.
From just a single crime,
A disaster occurred like nothing before. 

The walls all collapsed,
And the floors all caved in.
The ceilings released their grasp,
And the scene was horribly grim. 

As the entire house fell to the ground,
And little Miss Dreamer realized her fault,
She lay collapsed in the ashen mound, 
Creating a story full of wrought. 

© 2012 Ian

Author's Note

I know it's weird, but what do you think about it?

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Riveting. I loved it. It holds the perfect amount of mysteriousness and insanity. It flows cleanly and make the reader want to continue. It tells a story and it's somehow haunting. I really did enjoy it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 15, 2012
Last Updated on August 16, 2012
Tags: Weird, dark, odd, fire, shadow, darkness, morbid, obscene, arson, pyro, death, kidnapping



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