A Poem by KlineXcreed

Religion has a place in society. It always did and always will.

She believed in a god to fade her tears.
To cope her doubt,
To calm her fear.
She saw no hope in this short lived life.
She needed,
She begged,
She hoped for more.

Couldn't live her life thinking this was it.
Needed to believe in order to survive.
There was no purpose,
If this was just it.
It couldn't be.
She wouldn't be.
She believed she was so much more.

She needed inspiration.
She had to have meaning,
A purpose and reason.
Someone to make her feel special at night.

And when the world turned grey,
Who was she going to blame?
Couldn't accept that this was her fate.
Couldn't understand the world for what it was,
Or is.

Trapped in the game of wanting to know so much more.
She bought into the idea that if she believed,
Created a higher being,
The wild world would be so much better off.
And life would be more explainable.

Could she possibly free herself  from death?
Save herself the pain,
Of the unknown life ahead.
By working her way to the top of the hill.
In order to be saved.

So she could feel special.
Living her life believing,
That she was good.
And there was something,

So much more

© 2016 KlineXcreed

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Added on May 16, 2016
Last Updated on May 16, 2016



Bloomington, IN

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A Poem by KlineXcreed