"Happily Ever After"

"Happily Ever After"

A Story by BrokenAngelicHeart

Happily ever after took a new twist...

Thump thump thud. Thump thump thud. Thud thump thud. Thump thud thud. As loud as his heart beat in his ears, the man couldn't hear whatever he strained his ears to hear. As if he could hear a thing. Pressing a hand into the mouth of the woman with him, he attempts to calm his breathing and such; craning his senses in the darkness. His eyes searched high and low for the being that haunted them; what it was, he didn't know.

He failed. The fear within him left him on the edge, the roar of the blood rushing into his mind crippling his senses badly. The lady in his arms trembled terribly, tears streaking down her cheeks as she worried for her life.

There was no need to worry.

Within seconds his head was rammed back against the brick wall he hid behind, each hit resounding loudly into the woman's ears. She screamed! But his grip didn't loosen on her, he tried to fight back against the attack...but what was he to fight against? There was nothing in sight and yet his head was smacked against the wall as if it was nothing but a toy ball.

Thump thump thud. Thump thump thud. Thud thump thud. Thump thud thud. Even as his heartbeat slowed to nothing, the motion of his head never once stopped. It wasn't until bits of brain matter covered the lady that it stopped. Drenched in blood, the woman was too frightened to make any move. That was her mistake. 

An hour later, police sirens were heard ringing into the night, a strange frenzy enveloping the city's air. 'What a gruesome murder!' Many thought that as they held back the urge to throw up at the sight. The lady's head rested on the body of the man while the half smashed head of the male rested in her lap. Their intestines were tied in a bow around them and on the wall above them were words scrawled in bloody letters. "Happily ever after.."

© 2011 BrokenAngelicHeart

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XD I don't really listen to metal...Unfortunately.. XD

Posted 13 Years Ago

>_> I'm pretty such I have growled before.. I'm not always a lady-like girl.. XD I have my metal times...

Posted 13 Years Ago

AHA! SEE! The growls are killer! Clean vocals are fine but growling... >_> I try to cut down on those..

Posted 13 Years Ago

XD I rather save and not go to the cinemas.. ^^" [And she does not always!]

._. You sing METAL. >_> I sing the not so fatal to my throat kind. XD

Posted 13 Years Ago

XD I'm too untalented to play lots of instruments.. I, on the other hand, sing lots of different kind of songs....of different genres and language. XD And I can't study..>_> Cause I...just can't.. XD Makes no sense I know.. I am a no poker person...Maybe just a little of "Poker Face" XD [Lady Gaga btw if you didn't catch the inference] I'm too darn lazy to finish composing... Let's not talk about food..and I'm not a fan of the television... XD

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 16, 2011
Last Updated on April 16, 2011
Tags: murder, horror, gruesome



About me....? Well... I have no idea what to put in here.. I would possibly edit this in the future when I actually know what to put.. Till then... I am a writer, lyricist, singer...photographer, mode.. more..