The Beginning Of The End

The Beginning Of The End

A Story by Crystal Vargas

it's a zombie story :)


~Birthday Party~

            “SURPRISE”, everyone yells as she walks in the front door of her house “Happy birthday Amber!” She jumps with excitement. “Finally you turn 21! We have a surprise for you!” her roommate, Debbie, says as she holds up bottles of alcohol. “Since it will be your first time drinking we brought some of everything, so what would you like to try first?” Amber thought for a second “I’ll try some wine and work myself up to the vodka, haha.” Everyone was having fun and drank like crazy… at 5 am the last person left the party. Debbie went to sleep but Amber had passed out on the bathroom floor. “what a light weight” Debbie says as she passes the bathroom.

~10 Am~

Debbie woke up by someone banging on the door. “ugh… Go away!!!” she yells hoping whoever was out there would leave, but the banging kept going nonstop. After a few minutes Debbie forced herself up and walked to the bathroom. “Wake up Amber someone’s at the door” She says as she gently nudges amber with her foot. “ngghh” Amber replies while moving her hands to her head. Banging still going. “Can’t you hear that? Ugh… fine if you don’t want to get up I’ll force you up.” Debbie says as she fills up a cup with water. Once it’s full she dumps it on Amber's face. “F**K!” Amber jumps up disoriented “oh god my head… who’s that on the door… make them stop… ” She gets up and walks to the kitchen “did you wake me up to answer the door? Why can’t you answer it? ” She says while getting a Starbucks cold coffee bottle from the fridge. “I was going to answer it; I just wanted to bug you. But hey at least I clean the vomit off your face with the water.” Debbie then walks to the door “who is it?” No answer, but there was still banging. “I’m not going to open it until I know who it is.” She says and then turns to Amber who tells her “Just open it its probably one of the guys trying to scare you.” Debbie slowly unlocks the door and puts her hand on the knob. She twists it and some guy bursts in the door and falls on the floor “HEY! What is your problem?!” she says as he slowly tries to stand. “Is he okay?” Amber asks. “I don’t give a crap he has to go.” Debbie replies as she goes toward him to grab his arm. He turns and immediately bites her without letting go which leads to her screaming. “Oh my god!” says Amber as she runs to grab a knife from the counter. “Let her go or I’ll stab you!” trying to get him off her was impossible so she stabbed him on his side. But he was still biting, holding tightly to her arm. She kept stabbing repeatedly on different places while hearing Debbie’s screams. Then Amber stabs him in the head a couple of times and he finally let’s go and falls. Shaking and covered in blood Amber just stands there, terrified. “Call for help! Please!” Debbie screams as she tries to put pressure on the wound. Amber runs to the phone and dials 911, but it gives a busy signal. “Oh My God!” Debbie yells. Amber turns and drops the phone. More people that looked like the psycho stumble in, some of them with their face or other body parts chewed off. Before they know it they surrounded Debbie and started eating her “Help me!!!” she screams and cries. Amber runs to her room and grabs her gun hidden in the nightstand. She goes back to the living room but it was too late; they started eating her insides. Horrified, Amber runs to the back door and goes outside. She keeps running after reaching the road and through her crying eyes she saw other people being devoured and running from these… Things…  she turns on the corner trying to get to the police station but then notices one of them behind her catching up.“Hey lady! Over here!” a guy yells from the pharmacy. Amber runs straight to him but the thing was getting too close. “GET DOWN!” he says as he points out a gun. She immediately drops and the guy shoots the thing in the head. She starts running again and makes it to the pharmacy. The door is closed behind them and locked.

They’re Safe…. For now.

© 2012 Crystal Vargas

Author's Note

Crystal Vargas
Tell me whatever is on your mind :)

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Crystal Vargas

9 Years Ago

Thank you! :)

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