Delirious State of Mind

Delirious State of Mind

A Story by Krista Weiss

I had a dream the other night and had to write it down! Hope you like it!

Delirious State of Mind

I didn't want to start walking. I didn't plan to do it. It just happened. It was like my heart overpowered my brain and hypnotized me into walking out the door.
I wore a flannel shirt and an old pair of cowboy boots. His favorite.
It was autumn, and my flannel shirt wasn't enough to keep the cold from sending chills up my spine. But I didn't feel it. My body was overcome with so much adrenalin that my whole world was numb. I couldn't feel the bitter, cold wind that blew on my face. I couldn't hear the click of my boots as I blindly walked down the gravel road. I couldn't even feel the slip of paper that I clutched tightly in my fist.
I was so numb that I couldn't hear my brain telling me to turn around.
So I just walked. Walked straight into the path that my mind told me to go. I knew exactly where I would end up, even though I didn't know how to get there. But that night, I wasn't thinking. I was walking.
I don't know how long I walked. A few hours, at the very least. Enough time for the pink sky to turn black. Then, I walked through the darkness, and had to rely on the light that was cast down by the moon. There were moments in time where I couldn't see anything. Times when the trees above blocked the glare of the moon. But I continued walking, and relied on the sound of my boots hitting the gravel.
On my way, my sight was a blur. All I could see was color. When I was buried beneath the trees, the world was gray. And when the harvest moon again lit up my surroundings, my world turned orange. The leaves. The fences. The corn fields. Orange.
The roads went in twists and turns. I walked in the middle of the paths, not worrying about cars. My world was numb. I wasn't thinking. I was walking. Turning onto the dirt road. My body was tingling at the sensation that I was almost there.
I passed mailboxes. Each one spaced acres apart. My heart thumped. Closer.
As I approached the last mailbox my heart stopped. I could feel it in my gut that I was home, even though I've never been there. I saw the house. A ranch. White, with red shutters. I unclenched my fist, and unrolled the paper that had crumpled in my grasp.
54 Osmun Road. My gut was right.
Then, I walked slower. My body no longer filled with numbness. The numbness was replaced with shaking, as my mind finally registered just how cold the autumn night was. I rubbed my hands together, trying to keep warm.
Before I knew it, my boots clicked up the steps, and I was at the door.
I didn't want to start knocking. I didn't plan to do it. It just happened. It was like my heart overpowered my brain and hypnotized me into knocking on the door.
My mind was still a fog. But the fog cleared as soon as I heard the footsteps.
What was I doing here?
My heart pounded. The door opened. And he stood in the doorway.
"Krista. What are you doing here?"
My world was gray. Then, it turned to brightness as his voice sang to me. I had no words to say back. I studied his eyes, as they stared at me with confusion.
Then, the real color returned. The color that should have been there all along. Orange. The leaves. The fences. The cornfields. Orange. And now him. His hair. His eye lashes. Orange.
"Krista?" he sang to me again.
When again I didn't answer, he reached out to grab my hand. His eyes were patient. Filled with kindness, and light, and hope.
"I love you..."
The words that I had been waiting to say since the moment I met him. In my delirious state of mind, I finally found the courage.
He didn't answer. Just looked at me. His eyes were still patient. But now, they were filled with even more kindness, and light, and hope.
My mind turned back into a fog as his lips met mine. My eyes closed, and my heart fluttered as his body leaned into mine.
It ended too soon, and the reality of what just happened finally kicked in. It happened. The thing that I had been waiting to do since the moment I met him. And in his clear state of mind, he made that wish come true.
"I love you, too".

© 2013 Krista Weiss

Author's Note

Krista Weiss
I don't usually write stories, so I know that this definitely isn't the best thing you've ever read. But I had a dream the other night and I figured that I'd make a story out of it. Have you ever had the dreams where you just have no idea what's going on? This dream was like that. I was just wandering down this road completely delirious, and ended up at the guy I like's door. When I have dreams, either I don't remember them, or I make them up in my mind as I try to fall asleep. So for me, this dream felt special for some reason, so I figured I'd write it down. Anyways, haha I really hope you guys like it :)

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I'm glad you tried your hand at story writing. Maybe you could develop this and make it more mature? I do like the romance and I think you're better at stories than poems

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh my gosh, I loved this so crazy much!!!!!! I have dreams all the time so I know how that is :P But seriously, that was awesome!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Krista Weiss

10 Years Ago

Thanks! :) haha I love those kind of dreams :P
❤ Maggie ❤

10 Years Ago

Oh girl meeeee too(:

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Krista Weiss

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