Moon, Sun, Cloud Harmony

Moon, Sun, Cloud Harmony

A Story by LJ

This is a story written for young people, but it may be enjoyed here.

     Once a month, Moon and Sun talked together all night long. They communicated best when Moon was full. They met each other when Eons began and knew each other very well.

     Moon didn't think Sun was her best friend. She knew they had more than a nodding acquaintance because, for one reason, Sun lit Moon's blue Planet. But he wasn't the best Thing Moon knew.

     Moon thought Sea was her best friend. Sea and Moon couldn't visit longer than a few moments, but they talked more often than Sun and Moon did. Moon and Sea met every single day.

     Sun was actually narcissistic. He liked Moon's complete attention whenever he spoke and he spoke a lot. Sun liked attention from nearly all Things, himself included. He thought he was the center of Life.

     But when Moon met Cloud it was Sun she told because they had more Time. Sun asked her details about Cloud. Cloud bothered Sun but Moon didn't know it. She almost told Sun nearly everything.

     "Cloud seems new to me," Moon said. "I discovered more about him during the Lunar eclipse. Cloud is different. He has a silver lining. Did you know that? The night of the eclipse, I saw Cloud fully for the first Time. He's most interesting."

     Sun felt a small flare erupt. Sun saw Cloud a lot and usually burned him away. Cloud was a threat to him. Cloud kept him from doing his job. Cloud was Sun's burden and often required an immediate response from him. Sun didn't like Cloud.

     On the other side, Moon was a mirror where Sun preened his brilliance. She wore her best light for him. It made Sun happy. He wondered what in the System Moon would find interesting about Cloud.

     "Cloud has no silver lining. Cloud has nothing good! Why does he interest you, Moon?"
     Sun tried to keep his temperature even.

     "His songs, his height, his variations on black, his..."
     Moon saw six giant flare-ups on the face of Sun and paused.

     "What songs? He has no height! Cloud's colors are his worst feature," Sun said. "Why do you tell me this foolishness?"

     Moon felt calm and content.
     "Cloud sings like no Thing or Being I've heard before," she said. "Cloud called it heavenly 'jazz.' Jazz is a funny word isn't it, Sun? Cloud said lightning helps him sing it. He said the thunder rumbling in him is his percussion and his bass. What are percussion and bass?"

     Sun just argued.
     "Something Cloud robs, no doubt," he said. "Don't you see, Moon? The lightning Cloud uses he could only rob from a Body like me. I'm the brightest Thing in this System! I was here before Cloud existed. I'm the reason Cloud exists! Cloud forms to try to cover and hide me. Moon, darling... think about it!"

    "I have thought, Sun," Moon said. "I know I rely a lot on you. But Sun, do you think about me when I'm small? Do you think about me when none Here can see me? Cloud does. He said so. Cloud showed me the pale grays he is at his top on down to the very dark grays he is underneath. Cloud played lightning and thunder for me during the eclipse. Sun, you never called me 'darling' before. How can you judge Cloud? Do you know him?"

     Sun thought about going Supernova. Of course he wouldn't. Sun liked his Position too much for that. He hated hearing this from Moon. He hated Cloud, a trifling Thing he never heard sing a single note. Cloud just made terrible noise. Sun answered Moon's question and also gave her an ultimatum.

     "Of course I don't know him!" he shouted. "I wouldn't spend any Time with Cloud!"
     Sun made all his colors more intense.
     "Listen, Moon," he said. "It's him or me. Which do you choose? I guarantee you'll return to me in a month. Cloud never stays in one place long."

     Moon gave Sun a quick reply and began to disappear.

     Sun passed the horizon and couldn't talk to Moon this long for another month. He rose with a vengeance that day. He covered the sky with rays of light he often held in reserve for Moon, and Sun let his dawn linger for a very long Time.

     During the next month, Cloud taught Moon many forms of heavenly jazz. They stayed together every night. Moon showed Cloud the Tides of Sea. Cloud showed Moon how he used Sea's Tides for his music. Moon and Cloud were happy, tumbling along in song.

     In retaliation, Sun caused a drought on Moon's little Planet. By the end of a month, Cloud was forced to evaporate. Cloud moved on to play his music with remaining waterfalls and oceans so vast Tides weren't recognized. Moon was, as Sun predicted, abandoned.

     Sun shone on Moon all night again. Moon turned to her dark side and listened for a Star to drown the boasts Sun yelled. She knew Sun well. Moon now knew Cloud well too. She knew Cloud did not have a long memory and that he must use movement for his songs.

     Moon missed Cloud as she waned. She thought about her parched Planet too. She listened for Cloud's songs, for his heavenly jazz. It took Moon several nights to hear it but she did. Cloud was again over the land where he was needed. She saw his silver lining.

     Moon noticed a change in Cloud's tune. For many nights, Cloud played the soft music he once told her included other singers and muted sound. The music gave Moon's Planet what it needed without flooding it. No lightning and thunder were used. It was a gentle song.

     Moon began to wax again. She forgave Sun because she knew him well and they were linked. She forgave Cloud because he helped her Planet and for his wonderful songs.

     Cloud swirled on and soon forgot Moon altogether. Sun never seemed to move. Though he sometimes forgot Moon, Sun remembered her at least once a month. Sun needed Moon.

     Sea and Moon talked briefly every morning and night. They liked each other and worked together. Sea didn't know much about Moon except two things she needed to know.

     Moon was in constant orbit and Moon had an excellent memory.

© 2020 LJ

Author's Note

This is a Y/A and teen story, mostly. Do you think it fits that category?
I wrote it some time ago. Does it still fit contemporary times?
Thanks for reading!

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Added on July 29, 2020
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