Hoping Part 2

Hoping Part 2

A Story by Arabella Schlitz

Trying to save something worth saving for.

"There's no long road with good company..." 
You had told me this in a letter. You whispered it in my ears. I can still remember how you looked at me. You looked at me like there was no one else. You made me feel things, like how my stomach feels like it's in a complicated twisted knot with every kiss you give me. Every I love yous you had uttered made my heart swell. The promise ring you gave me which I treasured very dearly, never taking it off in my finger...
What a long road it truly has been. Our road has never been easy to begin with. We had hit a lot of bumps and stop signs as we travel together. But never in a million years would I imagine us pulling into the side of the highway and stopping. 
You looked at me and sighed, indecision etched on your face. The creases between your eyebrows deepened. 
"I don't know anymore." you said. I frowned, not understanding your words. You looked at me again. God, how I had missed your eyes! Those beautiful brown eyes that I can get lost into. Your perfectly straight nose that I love to trace with my index finger every time you're sleeping and those long eyelashes of yours that I badly want to have.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"We're fading" he whispered. My stomach dropped the moment you had uttered those words.
What did I do wrong?
Am I too much for you? 
"I just needed some space. Some time for myself." You had answered my unspoken question. I held it in me. I didn't let you see me cry. I will be okay. I told myself. I nod and smiled. I am afraid. Afraid that I had finally done it and pushed you too far. I am sorry. If ever I had done something to upset you. I'm sorry for being too much for you. I'm sorry for being dependent.
You went back to the car. I had stayed behind and watched you go on that road alone. Cars had passed, some even stopped but I had waited. Waited and waited for you.

I found myself travelling the same road with a different person, it was never the same. I wish you had came back for me.
You didn't.
I am okay--I fooled myself once more. But then I saw those beautiful brown eyes once again. You came back!
"I'm sorry." You said.
"I should have never left you." Those were the words that I had wanted to hear for so long. There was a different tug in my heart. I smiled once more and shook my head.
"What we had was very special." I started. "You gave up so easily. You left me." Tears had clouded those brown eyes.
"I'm sorry. You were the best that I had ever had and will have" 

I know. I was and will be the best you had ever had, darling, I could have loved you like Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, you were not just my summer. You were my spring, winter, autumn, and fall. We could have been better. We could have made it if only you had held on.

*Please don't make this decision. Let's travel that long road again...

© 2014 Arabella Schlitz

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Awww, My favorite line
"*Please don't make this decision. Let's travel that long road again..."

Let's travel that long road

This is very touching and while reading this, I pictured everything in my head like a memory... Great Imagery

Well done!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Arabella Schlitz

6 Years Ago

Yes, the line about the long road is very special to me. Thank you for reviewing! :)
The Black Warrior

6 Years Ago

You are very welcome! :)

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1 Review
Added on October 7, 2014
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Arabella Schlitz
Arabella Schlitz


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