Magik Horse Carry Me Away

Magik Horse Carry Me Away

A Poem by anne p. murray- LadeeAnne


Oh magikal, enchanting horse carry me away

On an enchanting ride in the sky

Over the seas and sandy beaches we fly

Where cool, blue waters flow

Through the air with winds gently blowing

Carry me you beautiful steed...

On an enchanting ride in the air


Your long, graceful, windblown mane

Sensitive ears, alert as a flame

Your masterful chest

Your straight lines cleaving in the air

Hooves not touching the ground

The winds of Heaven

Softly blowing between your ears

On mighty steed you prance and neigh

Dancing majestically with rippled mane

Soft and shiny as silken skein

Tail flowing wide, nostrils flaring

So graceful, so dignified...

Such nobility, without vanity

Running to outreach the wind


Flying steeds with powerful speed

Graceful muscles stretched on sinewy skin

Ecstasy in motion, fluid as a poem

Colors of nutmeg, the heat of ginger

Or black as midnight, in rich glistening hues

Their feet swift as rolling thunder

Making music in the air with unshod hooves


All the mystikal, magikal horses

Run in a place far beyond the clouds

Over rainbows, over the moon and stars

Enchanting hooves with flying manes

Prancing, dancing across the violet sky

Gracefully coming down to Earth

Majestik in shape and hue

They mysteriously come to visit...

Me and you


Running trackless across the sands

Or beside the boundless seas

It may be just one…

Or a herd with a mighty stallion in the lead

Their necks thrusting high up into the sky

Such poetic grace, laced with muscles strong

Sun dancing playfully on glistening backs

Manes and tails whipping freely in the breeze

Their strides flowing smooth as glass

Eyes aglow, coats lustrous and shiny

Their spirits fly as they glide over the plains

Leaving their mystical hoof prints on the land

Their spirits unbound on silver wings they fly

A million horses elegantly gliding in the evening sky

Returning to the stars and galaxies afar

Leaving echoing hooves heard in the yonder

We humbly receive the mystical horse’s magik gifts

Their pulses blending with Earth and sky

Bowing their majestik, graceful heads

They bring us their mysterious communion

Sending their mystikal, enchanting message

Connecting us all...

With the Almighty’s Heavens in the sky



c/r   2011


© 2011 anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

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I love the flow of the poem, it glides along as well as a flying horse.

Posted 8 Years Ago

You dream well...
and in wonder.


Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on September 2, 2011
Last Updated on September 3, 2011


anne p. murray- LadeeAnne
anne p. murray- LadeeAnne

Birmingham, AL

I'm not an extraordinary woman, simply put... I'm just a normal, ordinary one. In my private life I am gingerly cautious with the people I meet, but fearless in the words I write. Not an extrove.. more..