I dream of him

I dream of him

A Poem by Mary

He is someone I have never met... but already know everything about


Be brave.

Believe in today like you will never live another.

Trust in the path in which God is holding your hand.

Accept who you are and who you are meant to be.

Trust in the strucure of Gods intentions.. 

His creation that is us.

His divine specifications down to our DNA.

Our double Helix fused with his love makes up for the compassion inside of our brain.

Understanding that this isnt it... 

Charon isnt coming for us today.

His fairyboat must wait to guide us across the river of Acheron to the Elysian Fields.

No date with heavens gates.

We will Conquor this internal war

And I will dream of him.

Someone I have already met.

But someone I have yet to meet.

Someone I have seen in a dream within a dream but held in my reality.

Someone whose name I already know... but yet to say

And I know him.

I know him probably better than he know you and I know me.

Believe me I have taken the time to understand him.

Study his moves.

What he loves, what he hates who he is,

   and who he wants to be.

Selflessly I love him for him and I love him for who he think he is.

I will never change him, stop him, hender him.

I will care with a care thats second nature to my own.

In knowing him..

I have found me.

I breathe, sweet succulent breaths of sweet release...

   Allowing gasps of love return to my heart.

Divine change.

Unsettling movement of sound and mind penetrating deep into the inner layers of his heart.

Confusion diluted by hope, a transformation is begining to start.

Unclear shadows of black and grey distort

   But doesnt contort images brightening the rainbow inside of himself.

I accept him,

I accept all his flaws

All his walls and the way his smile lights up a room.

I believe in him and believe in what he does... all of it,

Even if I know what he is saying isnt really him.

I charish him

His touch.

His kiss.

His bad moods and his soft lips.

I need him.

I see him,

Right into the dark caverns of his heart 

When he forget to be strong.. he will think of me.

When temptation crosses his path he will know my touch.

When the journey of his life becomes too much for hiim to bear,

He will ask for my hand...

     and know that I will always be there.

© 2011 Mary

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Added on August 27, 2011
Last Updated on August 28, 2011
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Phoenix, AZ

I've been writing for about 16 years. My poetry as all writers, has changed and developed over the years. Everything I write is personal about events and people that have influenced over my many year.. more..

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