Freedom Fighters Creed

Freedom Fighters Creed

A Poem by Lewis Kenny

This is our creed.

Why aren't we questioning what we read? We need our wants and want not our needs, 
its name is modified greed 
which gave birth to the modified feed, 
eating your bountiful dinner that's grown from Monsanto's modified seed.
And why aren't we hearing about these poor Indian farmers?
Committing suicide by the thousands doesn't even alarm us,
mainstream media is put in charge to do nothing but charm us
make us feel vulnerable like everything is gonna harm us.
We have our weapons of thought, but now they're tryna disarm us,
driving around in private cars, never even seen the inside of a crammed bus
its time for action, we're causing a chain reaction, 
We're waking people up to their own dissatisfaction,
understand the life were living is only a fraction, 
of the attraction of what is available on this green island faction.
Instead the media puts out a distraction, 
while the global elites are discussing extraction,
imposing infractions, thinking new ways of exaction
Freedom fighters be out there filing our own class action
They're slippery slithering slime pouring into every crack, 
just like the shale rock they frack, 
backed up by the guns they pack, 
the money they stack 
and that's a fact.
I'm sick of this world i'm living in,
gas-heads keep on drilling in,
oil-heads keeps on spilling in, 
foot soldiers keep on killing in.
They're a disease, spread like a sneeze to control or seize,
to destroy the trees, eradicate the bees, 
raise the earths degrees, 
and bring it to its knees.
Understand please, that they wont freeze til they appease their, voracious, insatiable greed.
You can plead for them to stop this evil deed,
indeed, you alone can fight and bleed, and hope to succeed,
but don't you see? 
They've chosen to deceive and mislead,
and most of this populace has already agreed to concede,
rather then read and be freed, and proceed to stampede
out the wicked and corrupt who decreed, 
that we are there slaves and that we must recede and accede.
One mans a nosebleed, but plant the seed 
and breed an army that's built to impede
It's on all our shoulders, this is our creed.

© 2013 Lewis Kenny

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Ok I thought this was really good. I could hear the rhythm built into the lines as I read it, it flowed really well and I could even imagine a beat laid under it. I think the part that I liked best was pouring into every crack / just like the shale rock they frack / backed up by the guns they pack / and that's a fact.

Some great use of assonance and consonance throughout. It really added to the rhythm. I liked the use of alliteration "Monsanto's modified..." But for some reason the "slippery slithering slime" felt like a little too much. Of course it's just personal preference but maybe try the line out with one less "s" word in there... It will shorten the line a bit and I think it might even strengthen the increasing rhythmic tempo of the lines that follow -- that ultimately get punctuated with "and that's a fact."

I love it. Thanks so much for sharing,

Posted 11 Years Ago

Lewis Kenny

11 Years Ago

Thanks for the review very insightful, I tried it without one less 's' and I think you're right, che.. read more

This was amazing!

There was such a powerful message, it was like a punch in the face! (In a good way, mind you)

Kudos! Really good job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Lewis Kenny

11 Years Ago

thanks very much more to come
very true very deep of spirit i can feel your thoughts behind the words
gas-heads oil heads- all so true but the rest are to busy at the mall*)
thank you for sharing this much

Posted 11 Years Ago

Lewis Kenny

11 Years Ago

Thanks Holly more to come

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Added on February 19, 2013
Last Updated on February 19, 2013
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Lewis Kenny
Lewis Kenny

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

19, started writing a few weeks ago and hope to continue. I apologise for my poor grammar. more..

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