A New Friend

A New Friend

A Poem by Lexi Askew

A new
And unexpected friend
Has entered my life
And given me
More than I could ask for
They have offered me
Help and support
When I couldn't turn
To those I knew
I'm grateful
But just a tad confused
Do I feel for him?
Or am I clinging to him
Because he is the first in awhile
To be genuinely kind to me?

© 2019 Lexi Askew

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Lexi - you are so damn honest it hurts. Friendship - that is great! Let it blossom on its own, Don't rush it, treat it as you would a newly purchased plant. If need be occasionally water it, let it spread its leaves and flowers. Enjoy it and if it comes to full bloom - ah - its possible that is might become - love. Good luck to you.

Take care - Dave

Posted 2 Months Ago

I am tremendously fond of this poem. It shows off a lot of really powerful emotions with a lot of truth, simplicity, and grace. I feel like this poem is something of a study in verbs and how they communicate emotions. For instance:

The use of "give" in line 4 evoked in my reading a sense of humbleness and modesty. Then, "offered" communicated ideas of communication and respect. This is contrasted gorgeously with the notion of "clinging" later on, which is a much more rugged word, evoking in my reading something like guilt.

All of this to say, I think this poem discusses some complicated emotions with a lot of tact. Great work!

Posted 4 Months Ago

mmmmmmmmmm friendship can be so delicate ...none should treat them lightly ... in a few short lines you create a protagonist that draws my empathy .. and real concern that trust is not misused ... powerful feeling of a loneliness and longing need we all have for such a friend ... well done ... love it simplicity of line and phrase .. because it speaks so much! thanks for sharing Lexi!

Posted 4 Months Ago

this is really sweet, I like it!

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Lexi Askew


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