A Poem by Askew

I have never been hungrier than I am now

At 22 I am starved and feral

I felt the first pangs of hunger when I was 12

Tiny groans in the pit of my stomach

Telling me to feast and devour

At 15 I made my first attempt at eating

Temporarily satisfying the aching in my gut

With harmless flirtations

I looked at the meat and the flesh

It begged me to taste it and I did

At 20 I believed I had found something to satiate

I tore at the beast with claws and teeth

I choked down muscle and tendon

Gluttony encouraging me to gorge myself

Until my stomach is bloated and distended

And yet the meat was rotten

It made me sick and the hunger came back with a vengeance

I am a wild and starved animal

Foaming at the mouth and desperate for a morsel of food

I crave blood dripping from my lips

Until it is pooling between my breasts

At 22 I am begging to be fed

Lest I tear into someone new and unknowing

And let their life force coagulate on my hips and fingertips


© 2023 Askew

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I love the part " at 22 I am begging to be fed".

Posted 8 Months Ago

the opening two lines to this vamp's vamp are stunningly good. That's not to say the rest of your poem isn't, just that those two lines absolutely pop in the mind's eye.

very much enjoyed this arousing write Askew


Posted 9 Months Ago

I love the write. I felt the need, I felt the hunger. You gave a story and you made the reader believe. Thank you Askew for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 10 Months Ago

sheesh .. i don't think i have run into you .. neither in my youth nor now in my coming of ancient days .. gripping sexual, vampiric write ... sheesh!! peace and joy

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Added on September 10, 2023
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