A Chapter by . o O (Deepest_Thoughts)

Getting to know people.. whether she wants to or not..


 A loud bell rang through out the halls and students poured out of the class rooms, rushing to their lockers. This bell signaled the end of the day, even though it wasn't much of a day for me. The off-white walls in the office didn't seem to change no matter how hard I glared at them. For the past four hours these walls were the only thing I could look at. Mr. Estilie was having a few problems with getting my schedule, the problem being I didn't have one and that I had no idea what grade I was or used to be in. It took him all day to get me a schedule, and by then I was half asleep in the office chair.

"Kyra, I have your class schedule here." Mr. Estilie said standing next to me, wondering why I continued to stare at the wall. "You can go now, Kyra."

"Really?!" I asked already standing. He shoved a paper into my hands along with a thin book that was meant to write my assignments in. "Sweet, I'm out of here." A smile crept across my face as I shoved the paper and agenda into one of my pockets.

The wind was cold but the air was warm, making it almost comfortable outside. I hadn't really noticed till now, but my body temperature was colder then it should be. Is there something wrong with me? I didn't even have to think about the answer to that question. Of course there is! I've lost my memory and it feels like I'm living my life in a new way then I had before, but I didn't know what way that was so I pushed that thought to the back of my mind.

"Hey you!" A familiar voice sounded behind me. I turned to see who it was when suddenly six guys were standing in front of me. My heart skipped a beat as I tried to figure out how his voice sounded so far away, yet he was so close.

"How did you.." My words came out in a mumble as I noticed the spiky haired, golden eyed guy I had met earlier today. The five other guys who were standing behind him hadn't seemed to notice me much, they just continued on with their conversations about the day.

"Did you find your way after all?" The golden eyed guy asked me, a smirk on his face.

"Sort of.." I said glancing at the other guys, wondering why he approached me. "So anyway, what do you want? I know you didn't just come to ask me if I got lost again or what not." My comment seemed to catch a few of the guys attention.

"Oh, of course not. I figured your the new girl, and you needed someone to show you around town."

My eyes glanced around his face trying not to make eye contact with him as I talked. "Well thanks, but no thanks. Like I said before, I'll find my own way." One of the guys seemed to be shocked at how I was acting towards him. Like I supposed to treat him like a god, as if!

"Are you sure about that?" He said now grinning. "There are some dangerous people in this town. You might want to be careful."

Him assuming I need to be protected got to my nerves. I shifted my weight to one side and gave him a quick glare. "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't handle myself."

His grin only grew with my words. I was so annoyed that I had forgotten about avoiding eye contact. His golden eyes caught my own and I felt that same odd feeling I did when I first met him. A feeling like he wasn't just looking at, but somehow into me. "My names Dominic, by the way."

"Kyra.." I answered shaking my head, that dazed feeling back again. "I've got to get home.." I said quickly glancing at them all before I turned to walk down the street. I couldn't tell if they were following me, but I didn't want to take the chance to look back.

The house was oddly quiet as I walked through the door. "Hello?" I called out seeing if anyone was home, but there was no answer. I headed for the kitchen feeling my stomach growl from the lack of food I'd had today. The fridge was practically empty and the cupboards had mainly things that forced me to do a little more work then I felt like doing. Sandwich it is, I smiled.

As I searched for the bread I heard the front door open and the sounds of footsteps coming into the house. I glanced out from the kitchen and into the dinning room and blinked as I saw a cute red-headed boy standing in the doorway staring at me. "Are you robbing my kitchen?" The little boy asked not moving an inch.

"You live here?" I asked setting my ingredients from my sandwich on the counter. "I'm your new... House guest." I smiled trying to think of the right word for it. House guest didn't seem to fit my situation. Now prisoner on the other hand, that sounded perfect.

"Your the girl my sister wouldn't shut up about this morning?" He asked in a childishly amused tone. "Good work. I haven't seen her that annoyed sense I switched her shampoo with honey." He smiled a little evil grin.

I like this kid already, I smiled. "I do my best." I laughed going back to my sandwich. "Anyway my names Kyra, what's yours little man?"

"Todd," He said dropping his book bag onto the table and coming to see what I was up to.

It didn't seem like I would get along with children so much. But maybe that was because he liked to torture his sister as much as I did. Though I don't even really know the girl, I guess its just her type that I don't like. Well.. That's good enough reason for me to hate her.

"Well, Todd, are you hungry?" I asked in a surprisingly good mood. Maybe because I was learning more things about myself then I had thought I would in a day.

"Yea, what are you making?" He asked genuinely happy.

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwich." I said.

"Okay. Can you cut the crust off mine please?"

"Yep, I can do that."

I sat on the front porch, leaning against the side of the house, gazing out into the dull streets. Todd was inside watching TV, something that didn't seem to interesting to me. Kids rode by on bikes, skate boards, and scooters. All laughing and giggling as happy as they could be. It made me sick, but then again, they had a reason to be happy. They know who they are.

An ugly blue car drove down the street and at once I noticed the driver. "Cory.." I mumbled getting to my feet in a hurry. I hopped over the black metal fence and walked into the backyard, before he could even get halfway down the block. I wasn't sure why I felt the need to hide from him but I ducked behind the house as I heard the car pull into the drive way.

The yard was long, cover by trees on both sides, along with a large multicolored brick building closing it in. The building in the back had a extended ledge big enough for a group of people to sit on and a tree that split in two as it grew upward, right in front of it. There were a few scattered trees along with a stump but other then that the yard was covered in dirt and grass, nothing more.

Taking short strides I eventually found myself standing in front of the tree, deciding whether to climb up or just relax next to it. Finding nothing better to do I grabbed onto the tree and lifted myself in between the two separate parts. As I pulled myself up onto the ledge I accidentally cut my hand on a nail that was sticking up out of the wood. I sat there licking at the blood, not caring if that seemed weird to others. It was my blood after all, not like I was going to get some disease from it.

As I focused on my cut I hadn't realized the low growl that was coming from the small wooded backyard next to me. I glanced over trying to find the source of the noise, but I couldn't find anything in the mess of leaves, branches and broken trees. Annoyed for some reason that I couldn't see the distraction, I stood up and scaled across the wall getting closer to the noise.

Suddenly, I saw it. A huge furry black, gray and white dog was laying in a pile of leaves, its teeth bared and its eyes fixed upon me. I froze for a moment just staring at it. The dogs hair was all matted, it was sickly skinny, and the chain around his neck was cutting deeply into the skin, leaving the fur around it thin and blood stained.

I was in shock. Who would do this to a poor dog? What did this dog do to deserve this treatment? And why had no one tried to help it?
I jumped down quickly, not thinking about the distance to the ground, as if it was no big deal. Their was a slight crack in my foot as my feet hit the ground, I winced. As I stepped forward, with a slight limp, I headed carefully over to the dog. Only a few feet away from the dog, I stopped. I could tell the dog was male, and even skinnier then I had seen before. He looked on the borderline of starvation, my stomach twisted.

I took another step, trying to see if the dog was dangerous or not. He seemed to be afraid of me, because he stepped back as I step forward. I stopped, thinking I shouldn't corner him. I ran back to the house, looking for some kind of food I might give him. I took out a container of leftovers and figured it was better than nothing.

The sky was a bit darker as I stepped out onto the back porch, unnoticed by Cory, who was watching TV with Todd. I jumped lightly as I saw something move in the open field opposite of the wooded backyard. I sighed and ignored it walking over to the dog again.

"Its okay.." I mumbled softly, holding out the plate for him to smell.

He growled more but seem curious of the plate. I took another step and went to set down the plate in front of him.

"What are you doing?" I voice asked behind me.

The dog growled viciously and snapped at my hand. I yell as his sharp teeth caught my wrist. I grabbed the dogs jaw and attempted to pull his muzzle free. I fell back and held my hand as the dog continued to growl and bare his teeth at me and the person behind me.

Suddenly I was being lifted and pulled back into my backyard. "What the hell!" I screamed holding my tears back.

I heard a light chuckle and looked up to see that it was Dominic.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course not!" I screamed again punching him in the chest.

He smirked and helped me sit down as I held my wound tightly. "No need to be violent," he teased.

"Shut up.." I mumbled pushing away from him, trying to stop the bleeding. He went quiet, making me a bit nervous. I glanced up at him and noticed his eyes weren't their normal bright golden color, but a darker version, with a hint of red. "Are you okay?"

"Um, yeah I'm fine. You should probably get that fixed." He said quickly. "Do you want me to take you to the doctor?" He smiled.

"No.." I mumbled sitting up, trying to stand.

"Why not?" He asked curious.

"Because.." Thinking about it for a moment, I didn't have an answer to why I didn't want to go to the doctors. It just seemed unnecessary, and oddly dangerous.

He watched me closely, waiting for an answer, his eyes scanning my face.

"I just don't okay!?" I said holding my wrist tighter. "God damn he got me good.."

He laughed slightly and mumbled something I couldn't quite hear, which annoyed me more than I would have thought it could.

"Whats so funny?!"

"Oh, nothing." He smiled playfully.

I glared, standing up. "Fine." I snapped rudely as I stalked away towards the house.

But before I got a few feet he caught my arm. "Wait, don't go." He said obviously a bit stunned at my actions.

"Whats your problem?! You act like everyone treats you like a god or something. Well newsflash, your not God!" I snarled, getting angry now.

He looked shocked, hurt and somewhat pissed off.

Good, I thought. He deserves to be told off.

Finally he sighed and relaxed his hand letting my arm go. "Yea most people do treat me differently. You don't. Its.. kind of nice."

The way he said nice didn't seem right. I think he meant annoying or maybe unexpected?Whatever. Like I care.

"Well I'm going inside to wrap this up. Bye." I said promptly, walking away from him again.

He didn't say anything. Should I look? No, hes probably waiting for that.

As I walked in the door I noticed Cory was sitting at the small computer desk shoved in the corner by the kitchen and Todd still has his eyes glued to the TV. Your gonna need glasses, I thought with a smile.

"Hey, Kyra." He said a bit surprised, clicking out of something on the computer.

Porn, was my only thought. "Hey, whats up?" I asked in the normal teenage way.

He smiled a bit to friendly and shrugged a bit. "Nothing, just check my mail."

Yeah, I bet you are. "Sounds fun. Um, do you have a first aid kit? I hurt my hand a bit."

He got up immediately and went into the bathroom, bringing back a small white box. "Sure do." He grinned. "Wouldn't be much of a doctor if I didn't."

"Oh, your a doctor?" Hm, figured him to work at McDonald's.

"Sure am. Now sit down and let me take a look at it."

As he questioned me about the bite, I told him about the dog. He warned me to stay away from him, well actually ordered me was more like it. He think I will listen? I laughed silently to myself. Yeah, right.

"There. All fixed up." His words startled me and cut of my thoughts.

"Oh, um, thanks." I said not really sure what he was ranting on about.

He smiled more and held my hand still. "No problem at all."

Pulling my hand free I stood up and nodded. "Well I'm gonna go outside." Before you try to kiss me.

"Dinner will be in a half an hour."

Half an hour? Was it already that late?

I yawned a bit and rubbed my hand, looking over at the stray dog again.

"Didn't your dad tell you to stay away from it?" Dominic asked suddenly appearing beside the steps. I jumped, annoyed by that to.

Wow, I got annoyed a lot. "He is NOT my dad." I rolled my eyes. "What do you want now?" I asked sitting down on the top step.

He grinned. "Well I didn't get to ask you what I wanted to before."

I stared. Oh, great. My first ask out, and I've only been here a day. "No." I answered immediately.

"You don't even know what I was going to ask," he said a bit taken back.

"Well my answer is know anyway." Why do guys always do this? Can't they just take denial and shut up or go cry?

"Come on, give me a chance."

Persistent, great. "Fine, what is it?"

"Come with me to a party I'm having?" He smiled, trying hard to catch my eyes.

"No." I said stubbornly, my eyes flickering around th yard, eventually meeting his.

He grinned now, "Please?" He said softly, and something deep inside me wanted to say yes. But somehow it felt wrong. He felt wrong.

"Fine.." I sighed and he let my eyes go, smirking.

"Good Ill pick you up at eight." He said starting to walk away.

"Wait." I stood, walking towards him. "How did you know where I lived?" I asked suddenly, and he looked confused. "I didn't tell anyone I was here so how did you know?"

He shrugged. "Was just walking around when I saw you."

Liar. "Oh. Okay."

"Eight o'clock." He called back as he walked through the tree surrounding my backyard.


Dinner was awkward. Cory introduced his son that was staying for a week. He was in college, and not that bad looking. Everyone was talking about how their day went, so I just sat there picking at my chicken that looked burnt on all sides.

They expect me to eat this? I doubt a homeless person would eat this. Even if their lives depended on it. I smiled slightly at the thought of a homeless person rejecting Abby's cooking and how pissed I could see her getting. Maybe she would attack them. Then more homeless people would come and beat the s**t..

"Kyra?" Cory asked, and suddenly everyone was staring at me.

"Um, yeah?" I asked confused, losing my train of thought.

"Trevor ask you a question." Cory said, glancing over to his son than back at me.

I glanced over at Trevor, "Yeah?"

He smiled, "Just wanted to know how your day went."

Well if you weren't staring at my check maybe I would tell you. "It was okay."

"Make any new friends?" Abby asked overly exacted as usual.


I heard Alicia mutter something then smile innocently at her mother, before taking her attention away. Not like I cared.

Seven o'clock came around and I excused myself, saying I was going to take a shower and go to bed.

After drying my hair and putting on my make-up again I sat on my bed waiting for eight o'clock to come around. They were pretty sure I had went to bed, so I thought Id be safe for the night. Trevor had been kind enough to let me keep his room, which they had given to me. But if they had mentioned we share it he'd probably jump at that.

I rolled my eyes. Does every guy have to stare and flirt? Seriously. Being unnaturally beautiful had its drawbacks. And I do mean unnaturally. Everything about me seemed odd. My skin was soft and smooth, my face completely flawless, my body has all the right curves in the right places, and even my voice was perfect. I was perfect. And it didn't make sense.

I must be a science experiment, I began to think until a small knock at my window startled me.

© 2010 . o O (Deepest_Thoughts)

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awwwww man that was good i want to read i am so bored pleasepleasepleaseplease writ more i want to now what happens pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease please please please please please pleaseplease pleaseplease please :):):0:):):0):):):):)

Posted 11 Years Ago

please write more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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