The Memories

The Memories

A Poem by Kitty Nyght

The Memories


The Memories we shared,

in a life that can not compare.

I got caught in the snare,

that you set there,

for me.


The heart that is broken,

can never be healed.

A word that is spoken,

can never be neared.


The Pictures have been burned,

and I have shed my tears.

The love we had,

will never again be seen,

in the following years.


The Memories I have,

will have to stay,

for the story I plan

to write one day.


Of the love we shared

and the songs we wrote

The jokes we told

and the heart that you broke.


I can feel the Gravity,

and the rain on my skin.

The Memories are there,

that I don't want to relive.


The Memories hurt,

your phone number is still there.

I can see your eyes,

and to a rose I can not compare.


My life has burned,

I have stood in the rain.

My tears have been shed,

and my life complete.


The Memories burn,

at the back of my mind.

My lesson has been learned,

and now it is over.


The Memories will shared,

will now flow over.

My life has been wasted,

on a poor heart breaker.

A soul that loves for you,

can not be greater.


The Memories are gone,

they have slipped from my mind.

I sleep alone,

but wish you where there at night.


Sometimes I cry,

and at others I laugh.

I remember you,

and I still love you.


The Memories I hold are now deleted.

You refuse to go back and repeat it,

and I know it hurts.


So, The Memories have been taken,

and now they are gone.

My life has been shaken,

and without you I have none,

of the Memories we Shared.


© 2010 Kitty Nyght

Author's Note

Kitty Nyght
Eh, it's not my best. I just wrote it because I feel like me heart is broken. I've been let done recently. Well enjoy.

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Added on August 6, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2010


Kitty Nyght
Kitty Nyght

Phoenix, AZ

Hello. I am a Chicken Smoothie Semi-Literate RPer with a big attitude and an endless mind. I love Wolf's Rain and Naruto, in my free time I do custom sketch art of Naruto characters. more..

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