Don't Throw Rocks At My Glass House

Don't Throw Rocks At My Glass House

A Poem by laughinglullaby

this is a love poem but its a little sad

They told me to be courageous you have to star out a coward. 
I guess I've taken a step in the right direction.
I lost  the power to speak my mind
Along with the strength to tell you no.
They say I've lost my mind,
but I think its just misplaced
Just like all the memories that have been suppressed.
I'll try to tell you but you won't believe me.
I'll lose you in my thoughts 
So I won't have to remember who you are.
Maybe then I can forget
Why I choose to let you down.
Maybe then you'll remember
Why you refuse to let me know.
I won't ever ask 
For what you refuse to tell me.
I'll be misguided
While your misunderstood.
We can be the strangers who fall in and out of love.
While the other dance on the floor boards of our hearts.
We won't realize that all we need
Are the things we refuse to see.
And our tragedy will become their happy ending.
And for once I won't be afraid.


© 2012 laughinglullaby

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, reviews are appreciated :)

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Wow..there are a few poems which leave me absolutely speechless and this is one of them..the brilliance of love,the pain that being misunderstood inflicts and the acceptance of this falling "in and out of love" could not have been scripted better..adding to my favorites ..:) :) Thank you :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Fabulous. For once, you didn't have excessive grammar problems. :) Actually, this was really good. I liked it. It was a branch from your usual style, and I really like that you went there. I want to see you try your hand at a stanza poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 8, 2011
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This is my life make of it what you will. Theses are my thoughts think of them how you will. If you're a dreamer dare to dream with me. If you're a believer then sympathize with me. Be who you are and.. more..