My fairy tale ending

My fairy tale ending

A Story by Paege

I needed to write. Honestly this isn't about any one in particular. And yes this is writen from a guys view, again no one in particular. I suck at writing as a guy.


      Every time her face changes with her smile, I myself smile for no reason. To see her happy makes me happy. Whenever her blue eyes flick to me, I myself smile for no reason. Knowing that she is looking at me makes me happy. When, after looking at me to find me smiling, she herself smiles back, i continue to smile. For her to smile back at me makes me happy. There are so many things she does that make me happy, and yet she doesn't even know it. Part of me is greatful she doesn't know, for i don't know what she would think. I hide it well, the fact that every moment I am away from her, i ache to be back. I ache for her warmth, her smile, her challenging blue eyes, and the way she bonces by me in a furry of cotton blossom and shampoo. It is those things that linger in my mind and dreams, never to be forgotten.

      Other times i wonder though, what it would be like if she knew. If she was mine to be with, to hold, and to love. I wonder this with eagerness, getting my body ahead of my mind. Eyes bright and smile wide i walk towards her, only to be stopped by my morality and my fear. But then there is that aching feeling again, dead center in my chest. I'm slowly being dragged to her and her eyes again flicker to me. A sense of anxiousness washes over her whenever I draw near.

Being who I am I, apparently, can never see that she looks at me in the same way in which i look at her. How she smiles when i smile, is looking back when i stare, and smiles when my gaze falters. She was trying to prove a point. It was a contest to see who could hold out on the urging pain at heart, tugging us closer. I had to admit she was brave for daring me at this game. Though both of us were merly beginers we had a strong will and neither of us were willing to give in just yet. One day i couldn't help it. It was the day of the promotion dance.

     Girls had been talking about promotion from the begining of 8th grade. I'm sure they had all already had their dresses then too. I arived at the time stated on the notice in a pair of simple jeans and a nice button up shirt. Every one was moving to the beat of whatever pop song was popular at the moment. I swayed with the music, being pushed along the crowed before being dumped at the edge by the door. Just then she came in. My eyes widened as i absorbed the beautiful and some-what fimilure figure that stood before me. She had her aubrun hair up in a hollywood bun, her blue eyes stood out in a thin layer of eyeliner, and her body was complimented nicely in a sparkly purple dress. Her freinds came in behind her, maybe equally beautiful in some eyes, but she stood out to me. Without thinking i walk right up to her.

     When i finally regained my though process i said, "Hey." She smiled and cocked her head when suddenly a slow song came on. I held my arm out to her. She took it some what duitifully. We made our way to the center of the floor. I gently rested my hands on her lower back and she reached up to wrap her arms around my neck. It felt so right, the way our bodies moved together. She placed her head on my shoulder and it felt as if we were the only two people in the room. The song slowed to a stop and she glanced up at me with large, curious eyes. Without thinking i bent down swiftly and kissed her on the lips. Her expresion wasn't that in which i thought it would be. Instead she closed her eyes and pulled me closer.

        My fairly tale ending.

© 2010 Paege

Author's Note

It' short and there are typo's. I might fix them later as well as add more detail.

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Guess what? I sorta got this, but different.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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So cuuuuute! I love it! The dialogue is PERFECT! Love the description!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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