The Parade Of Sinners

The Parade Of Sinners

A Poem by LittleMissMayhem

I re-wrote this in my math class last semester, because I lost the original.


Soft wings beating, Tender heart slowing

Another innocent died today

Mothers screams, Fathers tears

His sister didn`t mean to shake him that hard, she was just scared they loved him more

A childs coffin, A sea of black

She thought no one understood her

A makesift noose, A bottle of pills

A recipe for Loss, Her clocks run out of time

She`s lost too much blood this time is up, Oh poor victim

Acidic Tears, Copper Sorrow

She rages, and fights, she screams and she cries

They stole her precious daughter away

Briney anger, Cinnamon Jealousy

She was his and ONLY his

Knife for Her, Gun for Him

She never should`ve talked to another man

A Parade of Sinners attended each funeral

Those who could`ve stopped every death

If only they had joined the fight


Now Its too late for them

So did you enjoy it?

The Parade Of Sinners put on a show for your benefit

Did you cry black tears in penance for your sin


Did you weart a jackal`s grin in sheer amusement over the lost lives?

© 2011 LittleMissMayhem

Author's Note

Constructive critisim is always welcome.

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Added on December 10, 2010
Last Updated on June 30, 2011
Tags: sad, death, innocent, parade, tears, penance, victim



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