The Manipulator's Victim

The Manipulator's Victim

A Poem by Liv

This is in the point of view of someone who's been manipulated by someone else, letting you feel their struggle as they realize it through this poem.

Scream it through my veins, 
make me feel insane.
Control my thoughts through your words, 
manipulate my bones!

Use your head to fill mine up. 
Give me the feeling, make me give up!
You are the one who made me feel like this, 
now that you're gone I'm blissfully 
unaware of the being that you once were!

Is that a gun? Is that a knife? 
"Turn around, don't think twice!"
I listened to you like a game of 'Simon Says' -- 
I always lose in the end.

I listen to you and you control my tounge.
The words that spill out aren't my own. 
Why did it take so long for me to finally know?
Realization of this fact -- 
will ensure I will never go back!

© 2010 Liv

Author's Note

Any constructive criticism is always appreciated. Favorite parts? Tell me what you think.

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Reminds me of a song called "Paranoid" by Garbage...

I can sense a bit of paranoia, and willingness to break free in this poem, but differently to the song mentioned above, this poem doesn't have an unconscious wishing to be manipulated... (I hope that made sense)

This is a great poem, to which I can *a little bit* relate to... Well done :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Well first of all you're a terrific writer Liv. I wish I could write that well when I was your age. Yeah, theres a fine line between doing for others, and being controlled by someone isn't there? Well luckily you're learning that early, some people never do.

Great writing here!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 21, 2010
Last Updated on February 21, 2010
Tags: Amateur, Poetry, Manipulation, Pain, Livxaxsaur



Chesterfield, VA

Hey, my name's Liv. I'm 14, and I like poetry. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson, although I am also very fond of many other poets as well. Just because I am young doesn't mean I can't write, but.. more..


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