Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Stopped

Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Stopped

A Chapter by WaitingToBeFound

A strong gust of wind was approaching; blowing across hilltops and through valleys...


"Though dreams can be deceiving, like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving, when fantasy and reality lie too far apart."

- Fiona Apple


*          *          *


A strong gust of wind was approaching; blowing across hilltops and through valleys, growing stronger as it rippled across the surfaces of lakes and rustled in the fallen October leaves. 


Pink and orange were fading into inky blue; it was that in between time when day had faded but night had not yet drawn in. It was a time when stillness hung in the air, the minutes passing were detached and undefinable.


 A lone girl walked amongst the cobbled streets. Her hair was a long dark curtain framing her face, her hazel green eyes alert for anything out of the ordinary. Her skin was of a shocking white and fit close across her jagged cheekbones.


 She was following the feeling of anticipation and foreboding, searching for the sense that the end of an average day could take a sudden turn for the unexpected.


She paused at the corner of one of the narrow roads, bathed in the light of a nearby streetlamp. The village was quiet, stores had closed early and people had hurried home to escape the forecasted storm. But then she looked to the sky and there was not a cloud in sight - it was a clear, beautiful night.


Perhaps it was not only her who felt it, a different kind of storm brewing, a delicate mist hanging over the village, separating them.


What was coming could not be seen, it could not be stopped.


The girl pulled her hood up. For a split second, as she stepped back into the shadow, the side of her face was illuminated. She was marked; ugly scars ran from the corner of her lips and over one of those jagged cheekbones.


And then she was cloaked by darkness.  




© 2010 WaitingToBeFound

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I like the way how the story leads the reader in several different ways. The village being empty automatically makes us feel that the girl is out of place. Then a different feeling is created that the stores aren't closed due to a forecasted storm. By that time I feel that there is something that is causing the people to return to the safety of their homes early and when the story concludes i feel that it is the girl that is making the village hide in fear. I love how this story is written. Thanks for a good read!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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