Is this your way of making me believe?

Is this your way of making me believe?

A Story by JustALotusFlower

I turned my back.

On those who cared.

I refused help from those who loved.

The results, were horrible.

Was it because of who I'd become?

Or who I wanted to be?

They said I was depressed.

Maybe I was.

They said I needed a Counsler.

Why? so I can give them MY problems?

I value others before me.

My problems come last.

So why do I feel this way?

Is this just your sick way of making me beleive in you?

Or is there something bigger?

You think this will work?

You think I'd beleive?

No. If this is your work. Then I lost all my respect for you.

Im not your child.

Im not your son.

You can f**k with the others.

But not me.

My life is worth more than you control.

I hope your happy. For making my life worse.

Just like always.

Your not a hero.

Your a disgrace.

Send me to hell.

Do It.

I'll finally be able to live..

© 2010 JustALotusFlower

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your not. trust me.
its about god.
how he is trying to teach me a lession. since i dont beleive in him.
its not working.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I've never been the best to decypher, but I'm guessing either religious or controlling parents? Idk, i dont mean to sound insulting if I do. :p

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 28, 2010
Last Updated on November 28, 2010



Cedar Falls, IA

Darkness envolopes us all. Its the certain part of us that we cannot control. the poetic side of me is dark. you have yet to be consumed by the insanity of life, which consumed me once before. tak.. more..