Four Areas That Contribute To Dis-Ease

Four Areas That Contribute To Dis-Ease

A Story by LynnieKennie

This is a spiritual, prose writing about health verses disease, and how it starts. I am a "spelling fanatic" and I can't find a "spell check" on Writers Cafe. Making me nuts!


First of all, let there be peace in your

spirit, mind & heart!


If you agree with this statement, allow your communication with God to wash over you with His Peace and tranquility, until you actually feel His presence in these three areas.

(The goal, of course, to cover the stress.)


There are ONLY four areas that contribute to disease and disease is: Dis-Ease

Or, NOT at Ease, Lacking Comfort, Ill at Ease, NOT right, Disconnected.



1) Stress

2) Dehydration

3) Nutritional Deficiency

4) Toxic Overload


Stress causes focus, concentration and energy to be expelled in wrong directions and to be distracted from what needs to be the goal, or from where the attention should be. Worry, anxiety, and negativity make their own toxins and poison the various body systems.


Dehydration causes so many symptoms that it would take an entire book just to list them all, and then the "disease / illness" that comes from dehydration would fill the second book. Basically the human body is mostly comprised of water and a little dirt, which makes mud. (Not meaning to be taking this too lightly) Every single one of the body systems NEEDS water to operate correctly and to stay out of the dis-ease pattern.


Nutritional Deficiency is simply the body NOT receiving the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers, proteins, and all of the health building blocks that it needs to maintain in an orderly and symptom-free manner.


Nutritional well being also will be negatively affected by dehydration.


Toxic overload is caused by ignoring "God given" simple health truths and trying, in our own flawed understanding and in our own stubborn ways, to cover or rid our bodies of pain. Every single medication, drug or chemical that we ingest has it's very own set of side-effects, and therefore, symptoms that arise from the use of.


With these facts in place, wisdom should be seen that water not only is necessary to transport the essential elements that our body needs to operate, but possibly even more important; to wash away all of the debris that we ingest and that our world insults our body systems with on a daily basis! 


Our bodies are approximately 80% water,

our brains, even MORE!

© 2010 LynnieKennie

Author's Note

I wrote this for a friend of mine several years ago. She was struggling with several diseases, including Cancer. She NEVER drank water, drank way too much very strong coffee and many, many 64 oz. DIET sodas EVERY DAY! She was poisoning herself.

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WONDERFUL!!! Your writing is very informative and I appreciate how considerate yu are to share this information with us. Great writing!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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