Fools rush in

Fools rush in

A Poem by Magdelena

Death needs no invitation..

  Through darkness yee shall find thee,
  Alone with thyself
  A beast among all; though others still doubt.
  I come in fear; for many I shall take
  On this here day; and throughout for all's wake.

  Alone I wander; my eyes cold as the night
  Fearing no one; not the darkness: nor the light!
  Snarling with fang-like teeth, do I bare,
  For those that surround me;
                           shall scatter if they dare.
I am one: I am many
For disguise I do hide
Withered in costume
Of ungodly pride.

So fear me; if you can
Come to me, if you wish
Let me coddle your form
Eat your bones on thy dish.

Laughter rings forth,
No doubt!
For who shall I conquer?
'Tis the only question that sounds out.

For I call out to the hungry;
the deprived: lonely: the mere man
My shadow of darkness
Blending in with the sand.

Hear my sound of nails as they scratch upon the street
Watch with eyes;
for I shall not forever keep.
Through windowless glass;
I pass by as shadow
My cloak-like figure;
invisible: black as the night air
Laughter rings forth
'You have nothing to fear'.

'Come to me', I call out;
'Come to me; those who dare'!

Screech my words on painted lips with hatred
For forsaken am I;
to thy bowls down below
No man shall trespass
No man shall ever go.

Oh I do!
Watch with blackened eyes;
I shall!

Preying on the helpless;
is what I do best
The greedy; the liars:
the cheaters and thieves
I promise sweet passion
Everlasting release.

Then I laugh..
Oh you poor, poor ignorant children
You disgust me,
make my skin crawl with vile
Fools rush in;
are nothing more than a child.

I will surround thee this here night:
and take what is rightfully mine
For an eternity I have waited;
And finally now is my time.

So scatter little children
Run if you can
Hide behind doorways
Pray for thee mere man.

To the depths of forgiveness;
if only thee knew how
Eyes all around
Eyes in back
I turn not to those;
for cowards as a matter of fact!

I quiver in delight, searching as I do
For ones that are pure
With heart open and new.
The rest I toss aside'
too much a chore
For a fight I delight
That and nothing more.

I chuckle at their fear
I smile at their pain
I care not for thy suffering;
for I have done same!

I spread out my wings;
soon do take flight
For fools that rush in;

Are for my taking this here night! 

© 2011 Donna R Tivoli

© 2011 Magdelena

Author's Note


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Well this certainly is "a dive under the duvet" gothic classic. Very dark and entertaining! Thank you for entering the Gothic Contest!


Posted 7 Years Ago

Awesome, I love the imagery, as well as how the narrative occasionally ducks and weaves between an intimidating monster and an almost sympathetic figure of loneliness.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you for your time in reading. Glad u enjoyed. :)
No matter what subject you choose the deep well of passion within you is brought out through your words. A wonderful write babe, wow, and you call ME dark!!! :P

Posted 8 Years Ago

haunting piece but expertly portrayed, great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

i really enjoyed reading this :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is an unusual and interesting story. Very well described. An enjoyable read. Thank you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Your words paint the darkness of a vast hunger that is never satisfied.. taking all joy and light from the world... A painful, haunting recollection.. I've been watching the series Dead Like Me... your work made me ponder humanity there.

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

Very dark and ominous. Something is just a little eerie. A bit different and nice job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Hello to all; Been awhile since I been on. Most know me, some don't. Hopefully I can get to know the few that don't and catch up with all the other fine fellow poets/friends that have become so.. more..


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