Romantic Accidents Happen

Romantic Accidents Happen

A Poem by Mahmoud Hadhoud

When you love someone you know she can't be with you for complicated reasons. I hope you enjoy it.


When your love just accidentally leaves in your heart a deep space

When you think that Fate accidentally made a misplace

When you envy the boy who permanently took your place

And when you glance the moment you see her bright face

And just trying to hold yourself as your heart beats with a different pace

And you start mumbling as your tongue has no words to express its grace

But those feelings when you keep rambling like if you were in a chase

With her Image in front of you which has an embrace

That indescribable feeling that hits my veins

And hits my heart hard and cuts it to lanes

When all these feelings I feel with just a blink from your eye

All these thoughts stop as I face the truth that you aren't mine

But Why?, I keep challenging the truth as I always try

To win your heart but success  just  waves me bye..

But why?, I keep Ignoring the truth and love every second I live with my heart in a lie

I will just love you all my life not more or less

And If a day passed without , That would be surely my death

And after that, I wouldn't care where I will go through

Cause my entire life , I have been living in heaven with you

It would be a night mare, My sins will cost me no angels to advise

But I won’t care cause I have seen heaven every time I saw your eyes

When all these feelings take place in my mind and break my heart

Wondering If my relationship ended or about to start?

I think that maybe lost the battle to him but how can you be lost?

For you , I can give up all the world and get my whole life tossed

If I ever searched my heart, I will always find you

You control all my thoughts , You control my mind too

You exist in my blood , Can anyone think that this is true?

Your image is in my blood but your image is much worth

Cause if my blood enters my heart, Your image always enters first

You should see my broken heart as it pumps all my blood away

Blood abandoned my heart but your image was meant to stay

Millions of girls like lifeless planets in our universe

but as much as many planets , there is always one earth

which is you!, No one can realize how much you are worth?!

If you got me magiced, I love every second , I live in this curse

So, If you love another who feels the same events that take place in my mind

That’s impossible, Keep searching, I doubt you will find ..

© 2013 Mahmoud Hadhoud

Author's Note

Mahmoud Hadhoud
Ignore grammar or vocabulary problems if any. I hope you guys like it.

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Added on July 20, 2013
Last Updated on July 20, 2013
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Mahmoud Hadhoud
Mahmoud Hadhoud

Giza, Egypt

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