Home - Chapter: 2

Home - Chapter: 2

A Chapter by Jobyn

A young man purchases a small luxury home for him and his fiancé after winning the lottery. When he moves in a week early by himself, he begins to experience a demonic supernatural evil.


Chapter 2

I didn't know whether to stay in the bedroom or to check it out. Whatever that sound came from was so loud I actually felt it. I wouldn't doubt that someone had just broken an entry... I mean, it sure as hell wasn't another crow.

I decided to grab the closest thing to a weapon I could find-- a lamp stand --and made my way out of the bedroom. My cellphone was downstairs, so the cops were out of the question at the moment. It's times like these I wish I had a gun. Or a dog.

All the lights were off, and I decided to keep them off. In the case that whoever just broke into my house is down there, I want the possibility of getting the jump on them. As I slowly made my way through the dark hall and down the steps, I clutched my “weapon” and began to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea coming here on my own.

Even so, it's not like I would have relied on Oriana, were she here. I'd be the one protecting her. I'm the man of my house.

That's right. This is my home. They're the unlucky ones for breaking in. I found myself empowered by that fact, and braced myself.

The house was completely silent. Could they have heard me? No... I was being extremely quiet. Maybe they're already outside. I had so many thoughts racing through my head I almost couldn't concentrate, and trying to focus so hard made me realize just how loud silence could be. Make sense? I didn't think so. I don't know what's going on. I'm scared. My chest suddenly feels really tight-- no, my whole body does. And my head feels heavy.

A few more seconds of this loud silence... And then another frightening thud.

That one made me flinch hard. The earlier feeling of empowerment had all but left me, and I nearly wheezed in terror. My heart felt like it was about to burst.

What the f**k is that sound!?

It felt like the strongest man in the world just hurled an extra large bowling ball at the side of the house.

I couldn't find anyone inside, but either way that was definitely coming from outside the house. I began to peer out of the windows little by little, making sure I remained hidden. I couldn't see anything at first... but in the middle of the yard when looking out of the backdoors, I saw something.

I bit down on my bottom lip and swallowed hard. Was that the thief? It was definitely someone or... something. I couldn't exactly make out the shape. But it was big enough to be a person; smaller than me but slightly large. It was so dark outside-- I could only make out a strange figure.

I decided, as per what I said earlier, that I'm the man of the house. If I let these f*****g thieves get the best of me, they'll probably be coming back. Besides, It had to be some punk judging by his size.

But why was he just standing there? Who cares. I'm going outside.

I grabbed the biggest knife I could find and slowly opened the backdoor.

HEY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, trying to mask the quiver in my voice. “What the f**k are you doing on my property!? You have ten seconds to leave or I'm going to shoot your a*s!”

Why wouldn't I lie about being armed at a time like this? Criminals are just as scared of you owning a gun than you are of them. But I got no response. Not even movement. The figure remained in the same spot.

I'm going to shoot!” I shouted once more, but again, got zero response. That's too weird.

I slipped back into my house and picked up my flashlight from the chimney. I half-expected the figure to be gone at this point, but he was still standing there. Summing up all of my courage, I made my way back outside and flipped on the flashlight. I was completely shocked by what I saw.

It was Oriana's lion statue.

What... the... hell?” I thought aloud as I began walking onto the grass. “How the...?”

There was no way. There was no way that someone could have broken in to my house, lifted up such a heavy object and then carried it out onto the yard. Not in such a short amount of time, assuming these thieves had broken in when I first heard the thud. It took two fairly beefy movers to get that thing inside, and that was using an appliance dolly. This was just way too bizarre.

I eventually turned on all the lights and found a better flashlight to investigate the premises with. I expected to at least find some kind of evidence that someone had been on the property-- be it footsteps or whatever... but nope. Nothing.

I contemplated calling Oriana, but it was the middle of the night and I really didn't want to tell her that her statue was almost stolen. Then I contemplated calling the cops... but what were they going to do? Move the statue back in the house? I don't think so.

As I couldn't do much for the lion's situation, I decided to go back inside, made sure everything was locked, and took a weapon to my room so that I could go back to sleep. But alas, I couldn't sleep, at all.

Morning had come three hours later, and I remained wide awake. The statue of course, was still outside. Thinking it wasn't such a great idea to leave it out there, I decided to call up my older brother Christian and have him help me bring it back in the house later. He had a similar dolly to the ones the movers used to bring it into the house.

I told him what happened and asked him not to tell anybody else about it. He'll be driving here from his and his wife's home in the suburbs, which I offered to pay him for.

That is some weird s**t, Mason,” he told me over the phone. “If I were you I'd get a gun. Or have a security camera installed at least.”

I nodded as if he could see me. “I know... I'll have to run the gun thing over with Oriana first-- she hates guns. Plus, I've never owned or used a gun before. The security camera I can do, though. I think that's what I'll do today.”

We agreed for him to come by in the afternoon, as he was currently getting ready for work. Until then, I placed a large plastic bag over the lion statue and decided to have a bagel and coffee for breakfast.

I wanted to call Oriana, but she'll be asleep for at least another three hours before heading off to work. She's quite cranky in the morning, so instead, I turned on the camcorder and placed it on the table like yesterday.

Hey Ori," I said drowsily as I took a bite out of my bagel with blueberry cream cheese. “You won't believe what happened to me last night. I was setting up the chimney, and this freaking bird flies out of it and starts wailing on me with its beak! It was crazy,” I smirked. “But, hey, you know what they say about crows. They're evil spirits. If you ask me, I think your mom had a pact with the devil and had him free her spirit so that she could send it after me.”

Just as I started to take another bite of my bagel, I began to feel the table shake a bit. I blinked. “What--”

Before I could say anything else, the shaking grew immensely harder. It wasn't just the table, it was the entire house.

Whoa!” I exclaimed, dropping my breakfast and picking up the camcorder.

I was torn between recording it and running out of the house. There was a sudden surge of electricity that caused the small lightbulbs on the little chandelier above the kitchen table to pop. It made me jump, and snapped me back to reality. I had to get outside!

As I made my way out of the backdoor, the shaking started to die down. But I wasn't taking any chances. By the time I was on the grass, I no longer felt a thing.

Are you kidding me?” I yelled in excitement at the camera. “That was a f*****g earthquake! I got it!”

Never in my life had I experienced a quake even remotely close to that in Ohio. As far as I know, quakes were pretty damn minimal here. You normally don't feel them. And I had it on video.

I was out there for a good fifteen minutes before I decided it was safe to go back inside. I cleaned up the shattered glass from the light bulbs and sat back down on the table to view my masterpiece.

First there was me talking to Oriana, enjoying my bagel, then the shaking began. Unfortunately, about a split-second after, the video suddenly cuts off to a bunch of static which was then followed by an ear-piercing screech that actually made me tense up.

Even after setting the volume way down, the screeching was still pretty bad. It was unusual; the level of sound that was coming from the camcorder. It was actually making my head hurt. It was as if it were hitting some kind of headache frequency.

Amid the screeching I could make out some faint sounds, much lower in tone. But they came up randomly and were impossible to make out, with all the noise. I couldn't take it anymore. My ears were pulsing and my forehead was killing me. I shut it off for now.

S**t,” I groaned as I set the camcorder down. I could have had something great, but for whatever reason the device decided to have the fritz during the earthquake. I don't know how that works, but I'm assuming it had something to do with it.

I sighed and got up. I at least had to blog it before I left to go to the electronics store in town. However, as I began to make my way out of the kitchen-diner, I heard the screeching once more. The camcorder had turned back on.

What in the world, I thought. Did that earthquake just bust my camera? I don't know, I've had devices randomly turn on after dropping them in water but... this was just weird.

Again, my forehead began to hurt-- even as I stood at the kitchen doorway. I went back over to the table and picked up the camcorder once more. I could still hear the low tones, which were more frequent now. Actually, if I looked closely, I could actually make out some shapes within the static. It was most likely my recording. How useless. I decided to delete the video and move on with my life. The camcorder stopped acting up after that.

After giving a brief summary of the experience and my little mishap with the video on my blog, I picked up my wallet, car keys, put on my coat and scarf, and made my way out of the house.

Huh. I thought I'd feel a bit of comfort after leaving the house and actually doing something. But halfway into the drive, I already wanted to go back home. I felt like a kid who had just gotten a bunch of awesome new christmas presents and couldn't wait to get back home from school to enjoy them.

But I had to get that security camera. It was for the good of my home. No way was I going to let anyone else get near it. Especially when I came around to getting that gun.

I arrived at the electronics store and had a quick browse through the aisles to check out the security systems. I've been here before in the past, and I had seen some security cameras somewhere. Rather than waste time looking, I asked one of the guys behind the counter to give me their best one. I had the money to spare, after all.

Alright, sir, just give me a sec. The one you want is in the back, so I'll go ahead and get that for you,” he nodded, making his way through the door behind him.

Ah, thanks,” I replied, drumming my fingers on the counter. I turned to look at the other clerk on the right and grinned lightly. “So, the earthquake this morning was huge. I don't think Ohio's been rocked like that for a long time.”

The man gave me an odd look. “Earthquake...”

I rose a brow and nodded. “Yeah, er... this morning.”

He snickered. “Dude, there was no earthquake this morning. And if there was, it must have been tiny as heck.”

You're kidding, right?” I replied in bewilderment. “It was huge!”

What are you talking about?” A woman who had been browsing the phones behind me asked.

The clerk looked at her and pointed at me. “Guy's saying there was a really big earthquake this morning. Did you feel anything?”

She looked at me in almost the same way he had when I told him about it. “I think he's just messing with you! There was no earthquake today, at all.”

No, I think you guys are messing with me,” I chuckled half-heartedly. “Very funny. I mean, who wouldn't feel it, right?”

The two looked at each other again, dumbfoundedly.

Bro, I'm looking online right now. Zero earthquakes. None,” the man said while typing on the computer.

The other clerk had finally returned holding a box with the security camera and equipment. “Alright, sir. Will that be everything?”

I stood there, furrowing my brows in thought. That was an earthquake... wasn't it? How could nobody have felt it? 

© 2012 Jobyn

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This is so easy to relate to because of the present time setting.. it's terrifying >.< Can't wait to see what other paranormal stuff you come up with next time!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Ohhh thanks a bunch for checking this out, I didn't think it'd get any reviews because it's such a n.. read more

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