The Truth

The Truth

A Poem by Amanda Naomi

a concept poem about a couple of my characters from my book


Love I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to lie

I wanted to hold on

Before that last goodbye


I knew you would leave

When you found out the truth

But dear every thing I did since

Was done to save you


I betrayed you

And you are right to leave me here

But before you go

Give me your ear


I was wrong, I was young

But you have taught me a thing about love

To forgive and forget

And to never judge


I will always love you

Even if you have forgot

What we shared at our young age

And what that night begot


We both lost things that night

From my evils spent

But you have changed my life

And I live in repent

© 2012 Amanda Naomi

Author's Note

Amanda Naomi
what do YOU think its about?

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We always hurt someone we love the most, and then the pain of hurting that person always kills us from within. I really loved the lines, the poem is very fluid, the remorse and love is evident. Beautifully Written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

My first thought is infidelity. She seems very remorseful. I take away the feeling she is a lot more mature than him, in that she can understand his wanting to leave and having no one to blame but herself, but she wishes he would man up enough to know they are both losing something here.
Excellent write!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Whatever the wrongs cast, to learn from them is the key to the future.
Very nice.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have betrayed maybe because you don't Love him but he showed you love showed you things and now you repent about it

Posted 11 Years Ago

I think you met and fell for each other at a young age, and you cheated on him. It made him re-examine his place in the relationship with you, all the while you thought maybe it could keep on going. A girl would never forgive, for a girl it's about the emotional connection and touch and all the other senses included!! A guy "reacts", and in a society where "reacting" isn't normal or accepted, that carnal instinct to not want to "nest" with only one girl for the rest of his life, is pretty powerful a drive to forget that instinct and dismiss it for the sake of less drama, and clearer connections to the one we say we love. I think even if you have gotten back together with him, there is/will be this constant "soft" wall between the both of you.... whether that was the result of a coveted desire, cheating, and/or birth/abortion of an expected child in the relationship. I LOVE your poems, and the fact that these are 6 stanzas. lol I LOVE 6 stanzas.... too!! xoxo -Mark

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amanda Naomi

11 Years Ago

so far both reviewers have gotten the same message, which i suppose isn't that surprising, although .. read more
Patrick Henry

11 Years Ago

You got me!! The whole poem talks of saying bye, and speaks of betrayal in many ways. Maybe 1 out of.. read more
This is great. You can tell the character feels incredibly remorseful for their actions. Clearly something happened between them (perhaps an affair?) and their lover only found out after it had happened, possibly in a less than ideal manner. While they regret their actions, they still appear to respect their ex-lover's choice to move on. The speaker looks at the relationship as a positive thing, even though the break-up has devastated them. I enjoyed reading this! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 4, 2012
Last Updated on December 4, 2012
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Amanda Naomi
Amanda Naomi


I am from the wildest imagination From a selfless child with nothing to hide Im from a broken family filled with love And too, from a family broken with lack of love I am from the tip of a pen F.. more..

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