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Cabin on the Lake

Cabin on the Lake

A Story by Dave

     Night came with a crash of thunder accompanied with flashes of lightning that
brightened the sky over and over again.  The old cabin shook as though an earth
tremor was grumbling far below.  Ever so fearful she clung to me secure in her
knowing that I'd never let her come to harm.  She gripped me and I could feel her
trembling, shaking.  I held her closer, her face upturned, I kissed her ever so gently
on her lips.

     All this was in stark contrast to earlier in the day when I arose to the smell of
fresh brewed coffee along with crisp bacon and wonderfully warm pancakes.  I hadn't
learned until now that Sue, like me, was an early riser.  With all the work we did the
previous evening because of getting to the cabin so late, I was surprised that she
would already be awake and making us breakfast.

     Sue was full of pleasant surprises.  The first time we went hiking together she forced me to walk a pace that I was sure would tire most of the men I hiked with. Sue kept checking to be sure I was keeping up with her, of course I was. She had obviously done a considerable amount of hiking in these woods.  She amazed me with the knowledge she had of so many of the flowers and other plants we passed along the way.

     I began to see things I had never seen before or just never paid attention to. 
There was an eagles' nest high in a towering pine just a short distance in from the 
trail.  Something so big I would have thought I would have seen it before, but I 
hadn't until now, with Sue.  As we continued numerous chipmunks scurried back and 
forth across our path. They reminded me of the cartoon characters, Chip and Dale. 
When I mentioned this to Sue, she laughed, "I like them too."

     Our hike took us further than I had ever gone into these woods before.  We came 
upon a fallen tree spread across our path and we took its' invitation to sit and relax
before going on.
     "You've never been this far have you?" she asked.
     "No, I haven't, but how did you know?"
     "Oh, I have my ways, but I must tell you the best is yet to come."
     "Really?  I think the beauty we have seen so far has been great."
     "Be patient, it's not much further."

     She got up, came to where I was sitting and gave me a short kiss.  Taking my 
hand she led me down the trail.  Hidden by a thick grove of trees we came upon a 
hidden sea of bluebells.  Their beauty was beyond description, the gentle breeze that
was blowing gave the illusion they were waves on the ocean.  The bright sunlight 
catching the hundreds of different tones of their vibrant colors added to their 

     Further along we heard the sound of crashing water.  Sue slowed, making sure I 
had heard it too.  Following a slight curve of the path we came upon a water fall that must have been more than fifty feet high.  Torrents of white water plunged into the gleaming blue-green pool; below.  Surrounded by a myriad of different flowers it was breathtaking in its beauty.  The cascading waters beat a steady rhythm splattering on the rocks lying at the bottom of the falls.

     I was so taken in by the scene I hadn't noticed that Sue had taken off her clothes 
and had dived into the cool refreshing water.  She yelled for me to join her.  In 
moments, I too was enjoying the water rinsing the sweat from my body.
     Looking up, Sue was sitting on one of the submerged boulders in the pool.  She
looked like one of those river nymphs I'd seen in pictures.  She looked breathtakingly gorgeous.  Her long auburn hair streamed down the front of her slim body with only 
a slight hint of her breasts showing through.  When she looked at me her brown eyes 
were sparkling.  She raised her arm up to me and I wasted no time in taking her in my arms and kissing her.  Sliding off the rock, she stood buried in my embrace.  I kissed her again and again, never wanting to ever let go.

     The gusting wind and pelting rain continued to make the cabin shake more and
more.  With each thunderous roar of thunder she clung to me even tighter.  I thought
how earlier in the today I had so softly embraced and kissed her, felt the warmth of her as she pressed herself into me.

     Now she wanted to be held roughly as though this would dissipate the howling wind and lessen the shaking our cabin was enduring.  The wind continued whistling around every corner of our sanctuary.  She looked up at me pleadingly, her eyes begging for a reassuring kiss.  I kissed her sweetness and she led me to our bed and threw back the covers.

     I knew she was seeking the solitude of our bed with its comforting blankets.
Blankets that would lessen the sound of the raging storm, blankest that I'd wrap around her, assuring her safety.

© 2019 Dave

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This is a tale of passion, made highly so by your use of environment. The walk in nature followed by skinny-dipping, then lying safe and warm while a storm rages outside the cabin--these things add mightily to the overall energy of the story.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Maybe because I've had delicious breakfast a thousand times with the husband after a fun night or because I'm pregnant, I can literally smell the coffee and bacon. I liked how you were able to flashback to earlier in the day and back to the present while preserving the original elements in the story. I find describing a flashback and it still making sense when you go back to the present to be somewhat difficult. Overall, I really enjoyed your story. It's super romantic and it feels like I am there experiencing all of it.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This story is packed with a ton of sparkling imagery that really adds a lot to the sensations of being in raptures, both with the surroundings & also with the situation. I like it when your romantic trysts include more of a story, an adventure, to show a couple interacting on many levels, beyond the romantic/physical. The only thing that could improve this would be a little more dialogue, so we can get more of a feel for how they are interacting. It's an awesome story just the way it is & my suggestion is only to keep in mind for future writings. As for the story we had considered writing -- I understand completely (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Years Ago

This was sunlime and beautiful expressed two became one on a glorious hike and the cabin in the woods, romantic story.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I had two images feverishly dancing in my head. One was the inviting smell of coffee, bacon and pancakes, and the other was the sea of bluebells hidden by the thick grove of trees. The ambiance of the lake was intricately fused into everything here, as was the love two people had for each other. Nature is such a natural high and made for quite the journey. Much enjoyed, Dave!

Posted 2 Years Ago

A wonderful story shared my friend. The description of nature and two people came alive in the words. Thank you Dave for sharing the amazing story. I did enjoy.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Your cabin on the lake sounds wonderful. What a romantic place to stay, in the middle of the natural environment with all its wonders. There were some really nice lines of descriptive writing here. I love the way you described the waterfall. That produced some fabulous imagery. I like the way you described Sue's beauty as she was sitting on a submerged boulder in the pool. You created a beautiful ambience and set the scene for your romantic interlude. Nicely composed Dave.


Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on September 8, 2018
Last Updated on August 3, 2019



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