A Cry For Help

A Cry For Help

A Story by Jekyll 'n Hyde

She ignores me, but then she expects me to answer her when I'm busy. If she only saw how I'm falling apart again, then maybe she could stop me; she doesn't though. I am alone. I will always be alone. She said I'd never have to be alone again, but I am. Does she not see the warning signs? Doesn't she know it can happen again? I guess not because I'm alone with my razor, and I have the urge like never before. 
Some people are meant to be happy; I am not. Funny how that works, isn't it? It hurts; I'm bleeding. Good. Let me bleed. I was alone in my room, slowly bleeding to death, and no one, not even my love, knew. How ironic that i didn't die. You look everywhere but at me; does it pain you to see me like this? Or is it your game that has all your attention? I guess I'll never know.
Sure you'll wonder why I stop answering your texts and getting online...but you won't miss me. That's the painful truth, isn't it? You won't know if I'm gone; you'll just sit there and wonder where I am. Maybe. You probably won't even miss me. It's okay, though; at least I'll be somewhere safe where nothing can hurt me anymore. I don't expect Heaven, but Hell seems too sad to talk about. So let's just say I'll be in Limbo. Doesn't matter anyway, and I guess I didn't either.

© 2017 Jekyll 'n Hyde

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This really reminded me of a story I wrote called "I Will be Gone by Morning", where the character is gradually becoming disconnected with reality. In this story, it represents betrayal and how the impact has great, disastrous costs. The end when you call the state "limbo" shows that disconnect from broken emotions. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful piece!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Jekyll 'n Hyde

4 Years Ago

Thank you for reviewing it. I really appreciate it

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Added on January 23, 2017
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Jekyll 'n Hyde
Jekyll 'n Hyde

Corcoran, CA

Hey, my name's Maryjessie, and I'm 23 years old. There's not much to be said about me except that I have a few mental health issues. Sorry if that scares you away, but I figured I should just be hones.. more..