My fav. one

My fav. one

A Poem by Mechelle

The bitter air envelopes you as you look out over the cliff's edge, 
your hands beginning to sweat as adrenaline
breaks throughout your body.
That speed-trained blood rush is caused by both the fear,
and excitement,
of leaning forward,
your eyes scanning the water and rocks below you.
"If you could have one wish, what would that one wish be?"
His voice says, calm and soothing.
Every note in every tone of every word that escapes
past those beautiful lips warms your shivering body.
Still noticing the jagged, unwelcoming glares of the
rocks below you,
you take a deep breath.
"To have nothing to wish for,"
you reply, your soft, coy voice
-not nearly as graceful,
as beautiful,
as comforting,
as overwhelming,
as adored as his-
The scene laid before you scares you.
The ice cold water.
The dying trees.
The screaming boulders creating one
giant mass of agony and danger.
Your body begins to object as your skin
loses its palor and your heart begins to panic.
You're too close to the edge.
With your right foot, you take a step back,
although a part of you still wishes to look over that edge.
That extensive distance down begs for you to
keep your eyes locked to it,
as if it loves the attention you were giving it.
His fingers lace in yours, his warm to your cold,
each temperature meshing and evening the other out.
"What's wrong, love?" He asks,
concern in his voice as he pulls you closer to him.
Your deep hazel eyes stare into his rich cobalt ones.
Those wondrous eyes that hypnotize you with every glance he gives.
Those orbs that never cease to amaze you as
you look into them and you fall deeper and deeper..
"I'm afraid of falling," you whisper,
a feeling of simplicity and foolishness
rushing over you as you say the words.
You're a brave girl, after all.
Admitting your fears is something that
makes you feel weak.
Your eyes pull away from his,
and trace down to the ground,
staring at your feet.
He mutters a soft laugh,
wraps his arms around your frigid body,
and he whispers in your ear, "I have wings"
With that, your gentle roseate lips curl upwards in a smile.
His warm lips press to your cold cheek
as his body heats you with its warmth.
The sun has started its goodbye,
setting behind trees and rocks,
whispering farewells.
Unwrapping his arms from yourself,
you take that step forward again.
Again, your heart begins to yell in protest
as it pumps blood about your body in high speeds.
You reach that edge again.
That terrifying edge,
and you hear him take a step towards you in worry and fear.
Your head turns,
eyes locking to his,
telling him you'll be fine.
The words unspoken between the two of you are like secret code.
One only the two of you understand.
After all, your hearts are what are speaking to each other.
Words aren't needed.
Your heart calms at the charm of his calming down,
and you turn your eyes back to the same captivating,
and horrid,
scene before you.
Your toes are over the edge now.
Your body begins to clam up,
the adrenaline stinging like needles until you can no longer take it.
You pull away, and sit down,
letting your legs hang off of that edge.
Looking to your boy,
you smile calmly and motion for him to come to you.
He sets his body next to yours,
allowing his feet to dangle as well.
You inhale deeply, as if waiting for something.
A scolding.
A lecture.
Something about how you're too dumb,
you need to think more about your actions.
You could kill yourself, you know.
you look at the pattern in the show your breath left
-due to the cold air,
and you laugh to yourself.
His arms wrap around you once more,
as if holding you safely.
Keeping you there with him.
Your head presses to his chest,
his heartbeat your favorite sound.
-Out of every sound you've ever heard,
his heartbeat triumphs over them all.
By far.
His long fingers run through your hair
while his lips meet the top of your head.
Tracing your palm along his chest and down his torso,
you look up to him.
"Don't worry, dear boy. I'm not going to leave you."

© 2009 Mechelle

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Added on June 5, 2009



Twin Falls, ID

I am 15, VERY new at writing. Maybe if I have time I will add some poems that I wrote in the past but not right now. more..

Please? Please?

A Poem by Mechelle