A by Mechelle

Just me writing down what i want to say in person to someone



I know I'm not completely illogical with
everything. All the same, I'm not LOGICAL half
of the time, it seems. But, I have a right to
be upset. I have a right to wonder why he
complains to me about girls hitting on him and
then he doesn't say anything about it to THEM,
and he hits on them back. Not to mention, LIES
to girls...I'm just an insane, worrisome, stupid
girlfriend who freaks out about nothing, right?
Oh, gee, baby; I'ma go get a short little plaid
skirt like what's her face has on in her picture.
It'd be nice to hear you call ME yummy, instead
of some other b***h.
Jealous? No. This is about respect,
and how no one knows what it means anymore.
Don't. Hit. On. Other. People. When.
You. Are. In. A. Relationship.
-Or when THEY are in a relationship.
-part II.
I shouldn't get upset, but I can't help it.
I'm scared of letting you leave.
I'm scared of a lot of things, and I'm afraid
of how I keep reacting to things.. I just don't
understand why you say one thing and do another.
I don't...understand why the girls can't just lay
off and respect what you and I have. -It's obvious
that they're never going to. It's time to do some growing up.
On both ends.
Stop saying one thing and doing another,
stop telling me one thing and telling some other girl another,
and I need to learn to stop reacting so childishly..
but it's all I know. I don't know how else to get
through to you, and you never tell me how I can..
I'ma wreck, I'ma mess, and I need you..
This period when you'll be gone is going to be
so hard on me. Maybe too hard. I don't want to
just resort to msn/myspace/phone calls.
I want to be able to see you. I sound so, so,
so selfish, I don't function
well without you near me..

© 2009 Mechelle

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Yeah they are just my thoughts

Posted 15 Years Ago

im guessing you wrote all your feelings eh?

Posted 15 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on June 13, 2009



Twin Falls, ID

I am 15, VERY new at writing. Maybe if I have time I will add some poems that I wrote in the past but not right now. more..

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