tired of love

tired of love

A Poem by Tamika Finley

honesty in it's complete form,
this love has washed me away with the waves,
in it's task to keep me torn.

I cannot seem to put such a book on the shelf,
or clothes on the rack,
for at one time I felt that you loved me back.

and it is fine if you didn't,
I mean, after all it helped me grow,
it displayed to me the face you refused to willingly show.

It will not hurt me anymore,
I'm sincerely okay now.
I have a heart again,
I have built myself again whole now.

or maybe whole for just the first time,
because if such occurrence did not take place I would still be in the place,
where for fairy tale beginnings and happy endings I would wait.
these days though, I enjoy all of my days.

and you may see a guy here and there,
coming probably much too near,
still this heart here is not in use,
it is only mine. never to be given to you.

or no one, ever again, that come to seek my love,
since it is much too real,
and honesty is feared.

I mean, it is possible that I am detached from love because I know what my love can do to one,
that is destroying you, tear you in pieces,
that is, after I go and leave you in despair,
my dead shoulder is all you can hold.

the natural spark in my eye,
and softness in my voice,
the tenderness of my lips,
when you kiss mine or I kiss yours,
I am aware that the realness here,
no facade or magic trick,
is what paves this road of loving,
then leaving you sick.

I mean, you always knew that this day would come,
such things are not obligated to be spoken.
It started all with us smoking,
staying up until six in the morning,
teaching you the things that you can't learn in a classroom,
altering your mind, make you want to challenge all of your mates in the classroom.

Is it the fact that I'm nineteen,
holding the heart and soul of someone ninety?
see, I've only given my heart out twice,
and yeah the damage was plentiful,
pero, that was when I played more as a human,
currently, I just feel like a roaming soul.

Roaming on and on like the words I publish on the net,
our people using the internet like they are all caught in a net,
like some powerful source is pulling us all to our doom,
those who will follow first are the fish with the most corroded smell in the room.

There ain't no love here,
other than the flip-a-grams of couples giving hugs and kisses,
hate sleeping alone so you tweet, "she irritating af but damn I miss her".
she takes that as a compliment, she's lacking confidence,
and if a presence isn't great but just decent, then don't keep it.

living is the longest thing you'll do,
but our life span is too short to be spending it doing things you wish not to.
I mean, I guess all I'm saying it do what you have to,
it is your way of life, no one can put a set of rules on it,
it's just sad seeing a seventy year old person sad, and hearing them announce how they wish they had done some things differently,
I mean, we're only human, who gets it right on trial one?
in the car roaming aimlessly, pondering on why I no longer feel love.
maybe it's just not a necessity at this point.
"aye, turn the music up."

© 2016 Tamika Finley

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Very nice poem, writing with pure emotion often leads to grammatical errors and in my opinion shows more about the writer. I only include this in my review because of the grammar police that obviously enjoy collecting points rather than actually feeling what they have read. 😊

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tamika Finley

4 Years Ago

thank you so much! I'm glad you could enjoy and understand. Some people have like OCD for correcting.. read more
Damon Chambers

4 Years Ago

Yes they do..... lol
Critique: (honesty in it's complete form,) and (in it's task to keep me torn.) the contraction it's should be a possessive form of the pronoun instead. Consider changing it's to its.
(I cannot seem to put such book on the shelf,) such a book
(that is destroy you,) destroying
(she irritating af but damn I miss her",) af? not sure if you meant at or of
(and she take that as a compliment) takes
(had done some things different,) differently

Review: Nice emotional and philosophical depth, you have a talent with wording and expressing yourself, I want to thank Emily for sending me the read request for this poem. I look forward to reading more of your work. I would also like to offer you the link to my lessons of poetry page http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/BearMage/1501893/ there are links at the bottom to some great writing tools including Grammarly https://app.grammarly.com/ which every writer should have :~)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tamika Finley

4 Years Ago

oh yeah, I will change those few mistakes. "af" is "as f**k" in shorthand text talk, since it's a tw.. read more

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Tamika Finley
Tamika Finley

Detroit, MI

I am from Detroit, Michigan but I'll be moving to Florida to start my college experience in the fall. I love to read and write, listen to music, laugh. Sex and the city, Dexter and that 70's show are .. more..

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